7 Tips to improve your blackberry speed

Over time, downloading webpages on your Blackberry can sometimes take forever.7 tips to improve your blackberry speed  Though this can be linked to the fact that the devise is slow and aging, but it doesn’t mean you have to live with an annoying gadget. We have a put together few quick tips you can use to jumpstart your BlackBerry’s performance, maximize it’s speed and stability until your next handset upgrade. Follow this ediaro.com hints and tips.

Here are few hints,tips and tricks that will help improve your BlackBerry’s speed and performance (demonstrated below on a BlackBerry Curve 9300 running OS and a BlackBerry Bold 9700 running OS

  • Check Your Device’s Available Space

It’s always a good idea to periodically check how much memory is left on your device. This is a very simple procedure. Check this process below:

For OS 6 devices:
Go to ‘Options’ > Scroll down and select ‘Device’ > Scroll down and select ‘Device and Status Information’ > Scroll down to ‘Device Information’ > your ‘Free Memory’ will be shown in bytes.

For OS 5 devices:
Go to Options > Status > File Free tells you how much free space your device has in bytes.

  • Close Applications Running in Background

Often times, a device will lag because applications that weren’t closed down properly are still running in the background. Checking this regularly is also a great way to maintain speed and performance. Here’s how to do it:

For OS 6 devices:
From your home screen, press the BlackBerry button and select ‘Switch Application.’ You can also press and hold the BlackBerry button to get the same effect. This will display all of your applications that are currently running in the background. Go into each application and close them manually to ensure they are exited properly.

For OS 5 devices:
From your home screen, press the BlackBerry button (the button in between the answer key and the trackpad) twice to display an options menu. From there, scroll down to ‘Switch Application’. This will display all applications that are currently running on your phone. Go to each application and exit from them properly.

(Pro-tip: when you’re doing with an application, be sure to exit it properly each time rather than just hitting the red BlackBerry hang-up key. This way, you’ll get into a habit of exiting applications and not having to go back and do it manually all the time.)

  • Clear Your Event Log. Often.

Your BlackBerry stores everything. When you opened an app, when you closed an app, mobile websites you’ve visited, what you’ve downloaded, what you’ve deleted, etc. That’s a lot of information to be storing. Here’s a quick way to clear out all of that wasted space:

Hold down the ‘alt’ key and type ‘LGLG’ (lower case, without quotes). This will take you directly to your device’s Event Log. From there, press the BlackBerry button and select ‘Clear Log.’ This operation is the same for both OS 5 and 6.

  • Enable Automatic Memory Cleaning

Automatic Memory Cleaning – Keep your blackberry Running Smoothly. One thing that may help keep your BlackBerry running smoothly is to utilize the automatic “Memory Cleaning” feature. Although your BlackBerry has lots of built in memory, all Smartphones are prone to “Memory Leaks” which can cause the device to really slow down, programs to hang or not work properly.

Start your Options icon and click on “Security Options.” Glide down and click on “Memory Cleaning” Change the “Status” to “Enabled.” Once enabled, you will see more options. I recommend leaving the first two as “Yes” and adjusting the Idle Timeout down from 5 minutes to 1 or 2 minutes. Finally, if you want, you can “Show Icon on Home Screen.” Save your changes.

If you selected to show your Icon, you will see it in the Applications folder as shown. When you click the Memory Cleaner icon, you will see the cleaning happen.


For OS 6 devices:
Go to ‘Options’ > Scroll to and select ‘Security’ > ‘Advanced Security Settings’ > Scroll to ‘Memory Cleaning’ > Select the box beside ‘Enable’ to enable regular memory cleaning.

For OS 5 devices:
Go to ‘Options’ > Scroll to and select ‘Security Options’ > Scroll to and select ‘Advanced Security Options’ > Select ‘Memory Cleaning’ > You’ll see a drop-down menu, select ‘Enable’.

  • Clear Your Cache

Much like your desktop browser, you BlackBerry’s browser also stores content cache which can take up a lot of unnecessary space. It’s a good idea to do this often, depending on how much you use your BlackBerry for internet browsing.

For OS 6 devices:
Open your browser > Press the BlackBerry button to reveal a menu > Select ‘Options’ > Scroll down to the bottom where it says ‘Clear Browsing Data’ (shown below) make sure the box beside ‘Cache’ is checked > Select ‘Clear Now’.

For OS 5 devices:
Open your browser > Press the BlackBerry button to reveal a menu > Select ‘Options’ > Select ‘Cache Operations’ > Under ‘Content Cache’ you will see a ‘Clear’ button. Select ‘Clear’.

These are just a few ways to free up some wasted space on your device. Doing these things regularly can help to dramatically improve the speed and overall performance of your BlackBerry device.

How To – Increase the Speed of the BlackBerry Browser
There are a few things that you can do to significantly increase the speed of the BlackBerry Browser.

  • Turn Off Show Images:

Downloading images takes a lot of bandwidth, and strains your BlackBerry when loading them. From the Browser Options –> Browser Configuration screen, set Show Images = no, and uncheck “Use Background Images”.

Note: You can easily download the images for any page by pressing “M” for more images, or “Q” for all images. These options are also available from the menu.

  • Turn Off JavaScript Support:

Some JavaScripts are very large and can’t be processed by your BlackBerry anyways, so turning off JavaScript support will not only save on bandwidth, but on processing time by your BlackBerry.

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  1. Hi my bb download speed is extremly slow. Takes two hours to download a 5minute clip. Please help! Vodaco service provide ay be the problem.

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