Become a U-Mo Agent

UMoU-Mo is the newest, secure and most practical wallet.

Now you can transfer, withdraw money, pay your bills and top up airtime on your phone.

Enjoy all the possibilities and comfort that a mobile phone can offer. Every transaction is authorized with your PIN number.

Forget your wallet! Use U-Mo!

Know how it works and how you can enjoy the convenience that a mobile phone provides.

Become an Agent

  • What are the responsibilities of Agents?
  • Educate customers about U-Mo mobile payment.
  • Enroll customers on U-Mo.
  • Operate as a cash point for deposit or withdraw using U-Mo service.
  • Customer service.
  • Types of Agent and What is required to become an Agent?

To become a Mega Agent:

Open an individual or corporate account with UBA Plc under mega agent scheme (UMOAA Account);

U-Mo branded office that conforms with Afri-Pay branding and merchandising requirement;

At least one computer with steady internet access;

One dedicated operational staff;

An operational mobile phone;

Deposit of N500,000 suggested working capital into your UBA mega agent current account;

Any other items/equipment necessary to conduct the business like chairs, Desk, stationery, Log book etc;

Provide a minimum 1 super agents and 10 priority agents ready to enroll and commence business;

Ability to continuously organize and train agents in your agent network.


To become a Super Agent:

Open an individual or corporate account with UBA Plc under super agent scheme (UMOAA Account);

An operational mobile phone;

Deposit of N100,000 minimum capital requirement deposited in the customer’s UBA current account.


To become a Priority Agent:

One dedicated mobile phone;

Registered business address;

Valid means of identification;

One passport photograph;

One referee (UBA Account holder) or Guarantor;

Suggested minimum working capital of N10,000.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mobile payment?

Mobile Payment is a phone only financial service with or without formal banking accounts. All banking activities starting from money savings, payments for goods and services, cash receipts, money transfers, etc can be carried out on mobile devices, 24/7.

What is the difference between mobile banking and mobile payment?

Mobile banking is a channel that a bank provides customers to operate the formal Savings and Current accounts that are opened with the bank. This service is not accessible to anyone without an account with the bank.

However, U-Mo mobile payment is a phone only virtual account that a service provider uses in providing financial services to unbanked, under-banked and banked customers (irrespective of their primary banks) , without opening formal bank accounts. Mobile payment only requires names, mobile number, address, occupation and signature to register (low KYC).

What is U-Mo?

U-Mo is a Mobile Payment service that enables you to carry out various financial transactions using your mobile phone.

Using U-Mo, financial transactions such as savings, payments for goods and services, money transfer access to cash, etc can be carried out on mobile phone device, 24/7.

What transactions can I perform on this?

U-Mo can be used like a formal bank account to do the following:

  • Save money / Cash-in
  • Move money from bank account to U-Mo
  • Send money / Transfer
  • Send money from U-Mo to bank A/C
  • Withdraw from agents / Cash-out
  • Withdraw from ATMs / Cash-out
  • Request money: “Send-Me-Money”
  • Check balance and statement summary
  • Change PIN
  • Buy airtime for self or others
  • Pay utility bills e.g. electricity, DSTV, rent etc
  • Pay for goods in stores
  • Pay salaries, pension contribution
  • etc

Why Should I Sign-Up for U-MO?

U-Mo allows you to carry out various financial transactions from your mobile phone. It’s easy, fast, secured and convenient.

What is the eligibility criterion for using U-Mo?

Any mobile phone subscriber can open a U-Mo account on his/her mobile phone. However, the user must be enrolled by an agent or UBA branch. To be enrolled the user must complete and submit the one page enrolment form and thereafter install and activate the U-Mo application on the phone.

Will I be able to transfer funds even if the beneficiary is not activated on U-Mo?

Yes, you will be able to transfer funds to an unregistered U-Mo beneficiary but he/she needs to be activated before withdrawals can be made.

What are the limits for the various transactions performed using U-Mo?




U-Mo Silver (no account required)



U-Mo Gold (saving as account in any bank)



U-Mo Platinum (saving as account in any bank)



How do you fund your U-Mo Account?

Through appointed agents, UBA branches, scratch card, bank accounts or ATMs.

What is the minimum balance I can have in my U-Mo account?

You can spend all your U-Mo money to zero balance, there is no minimum balance required.

Do I need to have a bank account with UBA or any other bank before I can use U-Mo?

No, you don’t need to have any bank account either with UBA or any other bank before you can use U-Mo.

Can I access my Bank account through U-Mo?

Yes, U-Mo is a Stored Value Account different from any Bank Account however, a customer may choose to link his/her bank account with U-Mo account.

Does U-Mo work for all mobile networks in Nigeria?

Yes, U-Mo works on all these available mobile networks (MTN, GLO, ZAIN & ETISALAT) in Nigeria for now, other CDMA providers will be available soon.

How can I register on U-Mo?

Please click How to Join

How does U-Mo Work?

Please click How U-Mo Works

Will I be able to Pay Bills and purchase airtime on U-Mo?

Yes, U-Mo subscribers will be able to make several bill payments using their mobile phones including DSTV, HiTV, Air-time top-ups, and much more. New billers will be added as they become available.

How do I withdraw Cash from U-Mo?

U-Mo customers can withdraw cash from any UBA ATMs, UBA branches, and U-Mo agents. Customers may choose to transfer U-Mo money into bank accounts for later withdrawals. However, withdrawal at branches will be more expensive.

What if my phone is stolen/misplaced?

Your U-Mo account will be safe except your password is compromised. Customers are advised to contact our Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) to block or suspend your account. On retrieval/replacement of SIM card, the customer will need to make a request to be reactivated. Thereafter you can download U-Mo application into the new mobile phone or access the menu via USSD. Note that your previous balance will still be intact on reactivation.

What if I forget my PIN?

There is a menu option (Reset PIN) on U-Mo that enables you to request for a PIN reset. Know more at How U-Mo Works

As a U-Mo subscriber, is it possible to purchase airtime for unregistered U-Mo customers?

Yes it is possible to top-up an unregistered U-Mo customer.

What happens if a customer does not receive a confirmation SMS from U-Mo after a transaction?

If there is a delay in receiving an SMS from U-Mo for more that 10 minutes, call the CIC line and the status of your transaction on U-Mo system will be confirmed.

What happens if a Mobile Network service is down?

Because U-Mo relies on the network, if any telecom SMS service is down, U-Mo will not work for that particular network.

When will my PIN expire?

U-Mo PIN does not expire.

Can I change my PIN if I feel it’s been compromised?

Yes you can change your PIN as many times as you desire. Know more at How U-Mo Works.

Will my transactions be limited to the Agent location where I registered?

No. You will be able to carry out transactions at any agent location.

Is my Money safe on U-Mo?

As a registered customer on U-Mo all your transactions are safe and secured as long as your PIN has not been compromised. Note that all transactions will require a customer to provide PIN authentication.

Can I transact on U-Mo if I am out of the country?

Yes. You can carry out transactions on U-Mo if you are out of the country as long as you have roaming activated.

What is U-Mo Mobile Money Account?

U-Mo is an instant account opened on your mobile with just your contact details and mobile number. U-Mo then allows you to do banking transactions with your mobile account anytime, anyday! With your U-Mo account, you can now send/receive money, save money, pay bills and lots more.


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  1. Great piece. But I would like to ask if there is any platfrom you know through airtime recharged pins values can be converted into cash. Say, if I have #20,000 on my MTN account balance on my phone is there any platfrom through which it can be converted to #20,000 in in cash in my hand either through the bank or ATM?

    • We are not aware of any platform like that in Nigeria. We advise you to contact your Phone Network provider(e.g MTN, Globalcom, etisalat, Airtel) to advise you if they have any service like that.

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