Bomb Prevention Tips for Public Premises and Private Establishments

Safety precautions and tips to prevent bombing in public premises and private establishments.

  1. Strictly implement the inspection procedures of all bags, knapsacks, boxes, merchandise, etc., that will enter the establishment or premises.
  2. Suspicious looking package, paper bags, etc. left alone should be cautiously scrutinized as possible bomb(s).
  3. When suspicious stuff are noted, don’t try to touch or inspect it. Instead, advice security personnel/employees to immediately contact the proper authorities.
  4. Be observant of people roaming around your area doing nothing. Vendors with tricycles/knapsacks/bags should be driven out, as they may be used as couriers of bombs.
  5. Advice the security to always observe people leaving behind bags/packages/boxes in the garbage cans/bins in the premises.
  6. Be observant of cars/motorcycle riding individuals who are suspiciously observing constantly the establishments.
  7. Be cautious in opening envelopes and packages sent to you by unknown individual or package with no return addresses.
  8. The greatest safeguard against the effects of bomb
  9. threats is to prevent entry of unauthorized persons into certain areas, whenever possible.
  10. Restricted entry and positive identification of staff and visitors can be significant factors in assessing the seriousness of any given threat.
  11. Develop a security plan and a bomb incident plan in preparation for such incident. The security plan deals with prevention and control of access to the building. The bomb incident plan provides detailed procedures to be implemented when a bomb is found or threatened.
  12. Get the involvement of the nearest police department, fire department, or local government agencies for any assistance in developing your security or bomb incident plans.



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