Car cleaning tips proven to increase car sales

Car cleaning is a very important aspect that would improve the possibility of selling your car. So, you need to maintain
Car cleaning Tips
your vehicle regularly to prevent it from losing it’s luster and shine which would invariably increase it’s sales value. Find below a combination of ediaro Automobile tips to improve your sales potential.

  • Give your car a thorough hand-washing, inside and out, and do it the right way.
  • Clean and vacuum inside first.
  • Make sure you have soap that’s specifically for cars.
  • Never wash your car in direct sunlight.
  • When you begin washing, if you are using a water hose, make sure it reaches all parts of the car. Use a hose with a mist-spray nozzle to wet down the car and wash away debris.
  • Using a bucket with tepid water and soap, sponge down all areas of the car gently, rinsing the sponge frequently.
  • When using soapy water, use a sponge to rinse each panel of the car. prevent the soap from drying up. Use a brush for the tires and wheels.
  • Do the fender and bumper areas last.
  • Blast the undercarriage and wheel wells with the hose to remove as much salt buildup as you can.
  • Dry the vehicle lightly with a chamois or natural-fiber drying cloth. If possible, clean your car dry with a special vehicle cleaning soft towel. This helps in making the car shiny, leaving it unscathed.
  • Remember to clean the windows and mirrors!
  • Stay away from automated, commercial car washes on busy days (especially when there’s water scarcity). Many of them recycle a certain portion of their water, to the point that they’re washing with salty water at those times. Otherwise, they’re alternatives for keeping your underbody clean and for when it’s too cold to hand-wash.
  • Look for stone chips, sand abrasions and rust. Look over the body completely for stone chips, including smaller surface nicks and scratches from traction sand thrown up by trucks. Repair them immediately with a touch-up kit (a small bottle of touch-up paint plus a special brush for application, usually inexpensive and available at the motor dealership and spare parts stores nationwide). Make sure the spot is clean and dry, without any loose or sharp edges, and apply primer if bare metal is exposed. Have a body shop repair larger patches of rust.
  • Lubricate your locks and hinges. Consult with your owner’s manual (you can google it if you don’t have a hard copy handy) and use a graphite lubricant on your locks if recommended. Applying a small amount of petroleum-based lubricant to door and trunk hinges might also silence any creaking.
  • Inspect your weather-stripping. Get any that looks mildew, cracked, or brittle replaced right away. Professionally, it’s recommended that – spraying weather-stripping with silicone spray will ensure that the water will bead away.
  • Inspect your car’s underbody for rust and damage. If there are any suspicious areas, have a mechanic look at them, and fix them immediately if needed. Pay special attention to brake components (sticky calipers, corroded brake lines), and exhaust components (rusted clamps, crumbling tailpipes, holes forming in muffler) that might have salt or slush damage. Suspension and steering pieces such as bushings, strut mounts, springs and tie rods are also susceptible to winter damage.


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