Common Ecommerce Website Mistakes

Having an ecommerce website means that you are able to add and maintain your own online catalogue of ecommerce mistakesproducts/services. You can add text descriptions, images, videos, links, and user submitted reviews. Cross product promotions, discount banners, and other marketing messages can also be included throughout your website and they can be implemented quickly and easily with a good ecommerce solution.

The eCommerce website owners look to cut down mistakes to sail ahead smoothly in the competitive race. There are some things that can drive away the people visiting your website. If your website crashes on frequent basis then you can not get many customers. If the website takes much time to load then the visitors would switch over to some other fast website having better efficiency. If the web hosting company you choose is inefficient then it would hinder your online business in a great way. Your business would not be able to reach its full potential.

You can make your ecommerce website a huge success by following a right strategy. There are some common mistakes that you need to avoid. These includes:

1. Slow loading pages :

It is a common difficulty seen in numerous e-commerce sites. The greater loading time your website takes the more number of visitors would leave your website. Even a few seconds can make a huge difference. Never compromise on this aspect to avoid unfavorable results. If you decrease the loading time of your website then you would surely get more number of potential customers. This would in turn boost up your conversion rates. This can make you get fruitful results from your business.

People now have many online purchase choices. They would not want to waste time on a slow loading page. Due to this loading time can never be ignored for a website. This aspect needs a proper emphasis to stay ahead in the race. If you find your website getting slow then first identify the cause. For instance, the overload of the third party social plug-ins such as Facebook and Twitter can lead to delays in the load times. When you know the issue then you can steps to rectify it. A timely initiative can help you save lots of troubles. This brings in the need of a perfect web hosting service with the top features, you can contact us at for more information.

2. Poor performance on some browsers :

Browser compatibility is another major factor a professional website developer would test and re-test before handing over your website to you. For example, if you prefer to use Chrome then it does not mean your potential customers would also use it. Several people want to use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Fire Fox, their IPAD or even mobile phone. Your website should be able to perform well on all the browsers. If it gives poor performance on some browsers then you would lose a huge number of potential customers. Always test your website on different browsers to get consistent results.

3. Poor design :

A professionally designed website has a huge impact on your brand image and customer perception to reliability. Often time when doing a price comparism, We don’t know if you’ve also been to some websites and close it because it’s not professionally designed and their prices are competitively lower, which just makes us perceive them inferior or fraudulent. Web design is very crucial for an ecommerce website. The remarkable design would encourage visitors to stay longer while the poor design would drive away them. The colors and fonts should be perfectly used to create a long lasting impression. Never use anything excessively to avoid negative feedback. Use only a few colors and fonts in your website to make the desired impact.

4. Inadequate images :

In an online shopping situation, the potential customers can not actually see and touch a product as they would’ve done in real life, hence the only way you can compensate this is using as much picture as necessary, from diffrent views as requeired. Inadequate images would incline the visitors to leave your site. So you need to provide them with lots of product images. Tactically give some images to highlight the product features in detail.

5. Complicated website –

You should not make your ecommerce website complicated. The users should find the needed things easily and quickly. Too much complication would annoy them. You should limit your website to just five sections like home page, shipping, billing, shipping payment module, and confirmation. All this is needed for an effective presentation of your online business.

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