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ediaro eMembership manages members records, renewal (email & SMS alert),restrict contents access,ecommerce,hotel & event booking,donation,card payment etc.It is designed to compliment professional associations members engagement or work as a standalone online membership site.

Managing a professional organisation, club or society with few members is easy to do manually, you can call, text or email them easily to share information. If you need record of any member, you can pick your Notebook to see every record of the member.

As envisaged, the members population grows overtime. This come with its own attendant challenges as the managment of the Members population and record become very cumbersome causing alot of headaches because details are buried in papers, microsoft excel and microsoft word documents or even notebooks and you have to manually search for the records.

Some of the problems encountered by manually running a membership organisation includes: registration of new members from multiple locations has to be manual and centrally collated to give membership number serially, hard to update the membership database, difficult to narrow down specific members, difficulty in contacting
registered members, nearly impossible to invite all members to events, hard to organise event registration, booking and hotels swiftly without pulling their hair out, circulating news, articles and updates to members, simplifying public validation of genuine members, getting local and internationcreating an interactive platform for
members to share ideas and information and most importantly remembring to remind each members to pay their annual dues – especially when registration date varies. To resolve all this and many more, ediaro eMembership was developed by Fladio International Nigeria Limited.

ediaro eMembership is a custom built solution aimed at simplifying the process of running professional organisations, clubs and societies. Organisations can manage their member details easily thru a single consolidated database. The platform is custom developed by ediaro.com (a Member of Fladio International Nigeria Limited).
When deployed, the eMembership will market the organisation, make them easily sharing information with the global audience of hundreds of millions easy, allow prospective members to register online, pay their fees, interact with members, order online, among others.

ediaro emembership helps take the burden of registration and renewal flow off the association/company admin manager and keeps them more focused on their actual members engagement and adding value to the organisation. The benefit to administrators and excos is that they are in full control of their own association while still having the bulk of the busywork done for them automatically.


Benefits to Management and Excos
ediaro eMembership is an easy to use solution that automates the members account management, membership renewals, content protection, mailing lists, and reporting.

ediaro eMembership simplifies the administrative processes such as members registration, store entire members details in a database into categories – as defined by the organisation, automated renewal reminder management to inform members when their subscription is about to be due for renewal (by Email, SMS Text message or both) and even send them a link to make payment, accept payment for membership from customers using (VISA, Mastercard, Interswitch, Bank Transfer etc). The event advertisement, registration, hotel booking and payment process are all automated end to end.


Benefit to Members
ediaro eMembership is a web based solution for Professional Organisations, Clubs and Societies to drive members engagement to the next level. It makes it easy to engage with members from any device with responsive design, turning your members’ online journey into a more interactive and engaging experience on the go.

Members will find it easy to login to your website, register, attach relevant documents and pay to join the organisation. After payment, the system with auto-generate and store their membership number and email it to the customer. At at expiration renewal notice will be emailed and/or sent as an SMS Text Message to the Member with a
payment link. Members can login at anytime to update their member’s addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, view reports and search the membership database. As changes are made the system automatically updates.
Event and Hotel Booking
If the organisation organise Events, Conference and Seminars.The tendency of members attending are higher as registration for events and booking for hotel is automated; and members can just login and do it within the comfort of their home on the same menu.
Membership Validation
Validation of your Genuine members and Certificates issued can be an herculean task – with many people impersonating to be a member of the organisation or forging certificates. With ediaro eMembership, the validation of your genuine members and all certificates issued can be verified thru a link on the website. This is so easy
that the only thing needed to be entered is the Membership Number or Certificate Number and genuine details of the Member or Certificate owner detail will be displayed.


Protected Members only Blog
Restricted access blog/library can be accessible to paid members only. It will show title & partial part of the article to the public, reading the remaining part wil require joining the organisation. So members will have to enter their details in a password protected part of your website to view premium articles, news, updates information about the organisation.
Discount Code
To ensure a sense of belonging with Members, the organisation can give members special discount or coupon codes for specific membership category which can be used all over the website.
Online Forum
Your members can also remotely network and share ideas with members thru the interactive forum. So if a member gets stucked on a project or need a partner, he/she can throw it open for interested members to comment and join the discussion.
Online Store
Instead of relying solely on membership renewal, you can take advantage of been an authority and membership database to sell your products, downloadable ebooks, videos, audio on the platform Store to members. You can also encourage members to submit their produts for sale and the organisation will sell, but get a percentage commission on every sales.This will be an avenue to generate multiple source of passive residual income.
Online Courses and Computer Based Test
The organisation can conduct online courses, let the public register, have online access to lecture materials and even participate in multiple choice examination (Computer Based Test). Afterwards, certificates will be issued to them.
Customisable to your need
As a custom built effective solution, it is an easy to use feature – rich application. We continually develop, optimize, adapt to changing conditions and fully exploit the potential of new technology to meet your members evolving needs. Beign a web-based software, means no time consuming installation, support and exhorbitant setup costs are required. Our dedicated teams will deal with the whole process of setting up your website and integrating the eMembership for you.
Membership ATM Identity Card
To compliment this service, we can partner with the management of the Organisation to produce Electronic Identification cards for the Staff and Members – which will also double as bank transaction (ATM Debit) Cards and also Identity Card. Each card can have the Organisation Name, Member Name, Membership number and Picture.


Live Chat
The Live chat feature lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website or from a free customizable page. You are free to use any of the live chat software solution or our pre-configured chat. Chat with visitors in real-time and increase conversions.


Other Features and Benefits at a Glance
Basic Features

  • Registration and renewal management
  • Payment for Membership (VISA Card, MasterCard, Interswitch, PayPal, Bank Transfer etc).
  • Automated Membership confirmation letter/Receipt.
  • Renewal Reminder Management (Email and SMS Text Message)
  • Event bookings & management
  • Hotel bookings & management
  • Members Interaction and Networking forum
  • eCommerce – Shopping cart
  • Election and Voting
  • Conduct Survey
  • Restricted Admin access
  • Multiple Currency (USD, Naira, Euro, Pound…)
  • Multiple Language (English, French, Arabic…)
  • Multiple Payment processor
  • Donation
  • Course and Examination Registration
  • Computer Based Test (CBT) examination
  • Instant Live Chat
  • Affiliates referral links and commission
  • Coupon and discount code
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Banner Advertisement
  • Google Analytics
  • Individual and Corporate Membership
  • Update Membership Level
  • Social media Join and Share
  • Newsletter Mailing list
  • Job advertising
  • News column
  • Fully developed and ready to use
  • Configurable and quick to deploy
  • Highly automated and easy to use
  • Competitively priced
  • And many more..



  • Membership database Management
  • Improved branding and global membership
  • Re-occurring revenue flow through membership renewal (SMS and Email)
  • Online Event registration and payment (Export in Excel or .PDF format for planning)
  • Hotel – Online Hotel Booking and payment (Export in Excel or .PDF format for planning)
  • eCommerce – Multiple stream of income selling digital products (ebooks, shirts, video, bags) and services.
  • Election – Online voting to various positions
  • Event planning – Easier event management with online registration (Export data in Excel or .PDF format for planning)
  • Payment logs – access your revenues and download report for Management and Planning
  • Mailing list subscriptions – to reach different categories of Members
  • Member communications – to send Newsletter and updates to Members
  • Renewal management – Membership expiry reminder notice by email and SMS text message
  • Multiple currencies supported (US Dollar, Naira, Pounds, Euro)
  • Multiple languages supported (English, Arabic, French)
  • Multiple payment options; more can be added (Stanbic Bluepay, GTBank GTPay, 2checkout, UBA UCollect, Paypal, Interswitch Webpay, Bank Transfer)
  • Course Registration and lectures
  • Computer based test (CBT) examination
  • Live Chat – to monitor and chat with visitor to increase conversion and sales
  • Affiliates referral links and commission
  • Search engine optimisation friendly to boost search engine ranking
  • Online banner and code advertisement
  • Google Analytics – to track website performance
  • Upgrade and downgrade member category
  • Social media presence on LinkedIn, Pin-interest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
    Validate genuine members and certificates with ID number
  • Customisable Membership ATM+ID card in collaboration with Interswitch/Verve (Optional)
  • And many more



  • Hosting by ediaro.com
  • Mandate and Agreement signing that Fladio International Nigeria Limited (ediaro.com) should deploy eMembership for you.
  • Internet access

Being a web-based software, means no time consuming installation, support and other costs are required. Our dedicated teams will deal with the whole process of setting up your websit, integrating the eMembership and online payment processing gateway for you. As your partner in progress, we will be available for Support when needed.



  • Free deployment (Terms & Conditions apply)
  • Commission from payments (negotiable)

Live Preview


Admin Login URL: http://ediaro.com/membership/admin_login
Admin Username: info@ediaro.com
Admin Password: ediaro.com



USER Login URL: http://www.ediaro.com/membership/

Username: admin@ediaro.com



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