Emerging Leaders Competition (International Essay Competition)

About Project Firefly

Are you a thought leader in the making? Do you have fresh insights about contemporary business, economic, political or international affairs? Do you want to interact with other bright, nascent thought leaders? Would you like to benefit from a merit-based vehicle that distinguishes you from millions of other university students and graduates?

Project Firefly stands for equality of opportunity, collaboration and openness for bright and inspired minds to provide fresh, meaningful perspectives on the problems of today and tomorrow. It provides a platform to foster thought leadership among university students and recent graduates, encourage dialogue and create an opportunity to network with each other, academics and the corporate world.

Project Firefly empowers ambitious, qualified persons to establish their own profile worldwide, purely based on the merit of their thoughts about tomorrow’s world. Project Firefly will expand this community and increase meaningful opportunities for advancement by tomorrow’s leaders.

Emerging Leaders Competition

The Emerging Leaders Competition is Project Firefly’s first competition and is sponsored by Credit Suisse. This marks the launch of the Project Firefly concept, and a unique way to develop your network and to distinguish yourself. Winning the Emerging Leaders Competition will also give you the chance to be part of the premier Credit Suisse thought leadership conference in Hong Kong in March 2012.

Project Firefly enables emerging thought leaders from around the world to share their insights about contemporary challenges with Professors, sponsors and established thinkers. It is also an opportunity to grow your network internationally. The Emerging Leaders Competition aims to reach university students and graduates within five years of graduation. Essay submissions should consist of 800 -1500 words. There are four topics to choose from. You can submit one essay from your chosen topic. If you would like to submit essays on more than one topic, you can submit up to one essay per topic.

Essays will be reviewed by an established scholar. Reviewers will not know any features about your background, including your education.  All that matters is the quality of the ideas expressed. The winners will be travelling to Hong Kong in March. If you don’t win the competition there is still an opportunity your essay will be published on the Project Firefly website in March.

Published papers will be accessible to all visitors of the Project Firefly website. Other participants in the Project Firefly community will be able to comment and to express further thoughts on each paper. Moreover you will be providing Credit Suisse with exclusive access to your skills and competencies. The door to employment and development might then be opened to you.




Winner 1 Be a part of a leading Credit Suisse thought leadership conference in Hong Kong in March 2012. CHF 3500
Second Place 1 Be a part of a leading Credit Suisse thought leadership conference in Hong Kong in March 2012. CHF 2500
Third Place 1 Be a part of a leading Credit Suisse thought leadership conference in Hong Kong in March 2012. CHF 1500
Honourable Mention 10 Cash prize CHF 250


Review Process
What happens once you submit your essay?

All submissions will go through a quality control process culminating in a review by a member of the Academic Review Board. The Academic Review Board consists of highly reputable academics. They have been carefully selected from top universities and institutions. Essays will be judged and published solely on merit.

 When submitting your essay please remember:

  • Do NOT put your name on the actual essay document (this includes headers and footers)
  • Do put the number of words of your essay at the top of the essay
  • Do provide a full bibliography (this does not form part of the word limit for an essay)
  • We would always recommend that each competition entrant completes the full profile. This will not influence the outcome of the review process.

 Quality Control

All essays will be checked for quality before being reviewed by members of the Academic Review Board, e.g. word count and plagiarism. Each essay will be subjected to plagiarism checks. Whether essays with high levels of referenced information contain enough value to be considered admissible for the competition will be at the sole discretion of the Academic Review Board.

 Review Process

Each essay that successfully passes plagiarism and general basic quality checks will then be submitted to a Professor for review. Essays will be reviewed on a “double blind” process. That means the academic reviewer will not know the academic qualification or any other feature about an entrant’s background. Project Firefly will not inform you which member of the Academic Review Board will review your essay. All that matters is the quality of the ideas expressed. The Academic Review Board’s decision will be final.

 How will Project Firefly communicate with me?

Project Firefly will confirm receipt of your essay by e-mail within 72 hours of submission. Following the closure of the competition, a further email will be sent in February confirming if your essay has won the competition and/or if your essay will be published.

 What happens after the contest?

Published essays will be on the website and fully viewable to any visitors to the website. You will be recognised as the author of the essay. Credit Suisse Group AG and/or its affiliates may be interested in co-publishing your essay. They may also be interested in discussing your potential career development.



  • The purpose of the Emerging Leaders Competition is to recognize outstanding essay contributions from individual students and alumni. Each entrant can write a maximum of one essay per question. Each question is detailed on the website.
  • The Deadline for essay submission is February 19th at 23:59 of the last time zone.
  • None of the essays submitted will be published on the Project Firefly website until after the competition has closed.
        Essay Format:

    • The essay should not be less than 800 or more than 1500 words (excluding bibliography).

    Please state the exact word count at the top of the essay.

    • Your name must NOT be stated on the essay.

    • Accepted formats: doc, pdf, docx.

  • All competition entrants are required to follow the registration and the essay submission process on the website.
  • To be considered for a prize, the competition entrant must be either a university student (full or part time, studying for a Bachelor’s, Master’s or a Doctoral’s Degree) or an alumni graduate with a University Degree – Bachelor, Master or Doctorate – who graduated within the last 5 years (as at December 31 2011).
  • The competition entrant must fully reference all sources used. Whether essays with high levels of referenced information contain enough value to be considered admissible for the competition will be at the discretion of the Academic Review Board. Plagiarism will result in disqualification.
  • Essay submissions are evaluated for publication by the Academic Review Board. Only those essays that will be published by Project Firefly, and therefore passed the associated quality controls, will be eligible for participation in the Competition.
  • Finalists will be selected by the Academic Review Board from the eligible submissions. Once a ranking is in place a telephone call may be arranged with the potential winners to verify any pertinent facts. The Academic Review Board’s decision will be final. Each participant will be informed of the result by E-mail. General competition details can be found on the Project Firefly website, there will be no further communication regarding the final selection process.
  • A competition entrant’s proof of study or graduation will be based solely on their attestation confirming enrolment or graduation from a place of study. Submissions without attestation will not be accepted. An electronic copy of an entrant’s university matriculation/graduation certificate may be requested for the competition prize winners
  • All submissions must be made in English.
  • To win one of the top 3 prizes, competition entrants must be able to attend the Credit Suisse Group AG and/or its affiliates Asian Investment Conference (AIC) in Hong Kong between March 19 -23 2012.
  • Competition entrants must be able to travel to the AIC using an agreed travel mode and plan with Project Firefly (i.e. Project Firefly must be able to book the appropriate parts of the journey).
  • Competition entrants must have a valid passport and, if required, visa applications must be made by the competition entrant at their own risk. As a guide for Hong Kong visa requirements please see this link. http://www.immd.gov.hk/ehtml/hkvisas_4.htm. Project Firefly bears no responsibility to the current accuracy of this list.
  • If the entrant is a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placed prize winner and cannot attend the AIC, then they must inform Project Firefly within 5 working days of the “notification of success” e-mail being sent. If a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placed prize winner cannot attend the AIC, they will surrender their prize and automatically be moved to the prize pool of ‘Honourable Mentions’. In those circumstances, the entrant judged to have written the top essay within the prize pool of ‘Honourable Mentions’ will move to the lowest position available within the top three prize ranking.
  • Credit Suisse Group AG and/or its affiliates will have essay co-publishing rights for all essays submitted to Project Firefly for the Emerging Leaders Competition. Ownership of the essays, ideas, innovations, etc shall remain the property of the inventing party. Project Firefly reserves the right to publish essays.
  • As part of the competition Credit Suisse Group AG and/or its affiliates will be able to select data from the entrant registration data received. This may mean that Credit Suisse will contact you directly. Competition entrant’s data will be used solely for the purpose of career development activities. For more information on your data please see the terms and conditions section of this website.


Deadline for essay submission will be by February 19th at 23:59 of the last time zone.

All prize award decisions will be made in February 2012.

Competition entrants must be able to attend the Asian Investment Conference (AIC) in Hong Kong between 19th and 23rd March 2012.


Terms & Conditions click here http://www.project-firefly.com/terms-and-conditions


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