Registering for an event has been simplified with our system, follow the process below to learn how customers can register for an event and print out receipt.

1. Your customers will visit

2. Select preferred training course, scroll down and click on button below Buy event ticket.

3. (OPTIONAL FIELD) If there are hotels available for the potential event participant can add their preference at this point to book it if not interested in hotel, click on check out button.

4. Click on check out now once they are satisfied.

5. Potential participant should fill the details, then select currency and payment method (Card, Bank Deposit, Cash Payment at Office/Venue of event [Pay on delivery option]).

To avert the usual fraud experienced by training and event organisers, especially when they are at a remote location, it’s imperative for all receipt to be centralised and auto-generated online only, this way referencing is easy and auditing is even easier.

Card paying customers will be auto-generated a receipt after system acknowledges the receipt. Non card payments will have to contact the organiser with their evidence of payment via email, SMS or call, supply payment detail and await the admin staff to login to backend to review and validated and the payment for receipt to be auto generated by the system.

When payment at office is selected, your staff will login to admin backend with contact detail you provided for them and authorise the payment, then print the system auto generated receipt for the customer immediately at the office.

A copy of all generated receipt will be forwarded to your designated admin email, customer email and also stored on your websitefor future reference.
1. In line with global Banking best practice; specifically for easy digital audit reconciliation, the detail of the authorising staff is captured on the system, which means the person that collects the cash from the customer or authenticate the payment online.
After payment is done at the office or evidence of payment & confirmation is done from the bank, the authorising officer is captured before receipt will be generated. This part cannot be edited; unless the user have access to login and edit the database and codes manually (programming knowledge required) via cpanel or other related part. Usually, it’s better to restrict access to the CPanel to only the developer or people that need to know alone.

2. Create Multiple Staff access level to limit who has access to important aspects of your system. It’s advised you create a limited access account for staff, but retain super administrator privilege for the key management staff alone.

With the ACCOUNT ACCESS they can view and authorize payment and it will capture the authoriser name, akin to digital signature.

3. You can create account for each staff if they usually stay long with your Company, so that each staff use their name and official email address and you don’t need to be abandoning each detail on the database.

For instance, you can create multiple admin accounts with Id such as admin1, admin2, admin3, admin4, admin5 with company email address,, etc. Afterwards, each staff will be identified on the portal with the unique ID which username and password independently is given to use. When the user is disengaged from the company, the password is changed and the new user is given the login detail to continue using it from the new date. This will foster continuity and avoid data loss.

Specifically, you are to warn all staff with access to the menu that their login are secret and should keep it safer than their ATM Card PIN – because once compromised, anyone can login to authorise any payment on their behalf and the system will log it, in which case the staff will have to pay the sum to the organisation account.

4. What to do when login is compromised: If any staff suspect their login detail has been compromised, they should contact your designated contact officer who will have Super Administor priviledge and can edit for them or such person can contact team to assist with reseting the account.

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