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Having a website in this new generation is important, and very paramount if you have in a Consulting Business. This Consultingtypically sounds amazing, but it’s true. 20 years ago, blogs didn’t exist, but today, there are over 150 million of them.  Infact, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to accurately determine how many blogs are out there.

There are many ways that blogs can build your consulting business, and I’ve experienced these benefits first hand. Still, I get a lot of puzzled looks when I tell people that having a blog is the single most important thing a Business, most importantly Consulting Business, cause, or person can do to advance online. Even though ‘blogging’ has hit it big, most people don’t get what makes blogging so powerful, helpful, and beneficial.

To shed more light on this we have put together some benefits of having a blog for a Consulting Business. Though this is also applicable to other product and other service businesses and industries.

  •  Build your expert status

When you take the time to blog about your consulting business, you’re showing clients and potential clients that you’re an expert. You’re demonstrating that you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

When you blog about your consulting business, you’re showing your readers that you’re so passionate about your field that you’re brimming with ideas and commentary. Your blog is your platform to impress and share your passion about your business.

  • Increase your search engine results

New, fresh content on your blog or website is what the search engines are after. When you update and add to your blog or website, you’re giving the search engines more new data to index.

When you write about topics and keywords that are relevant to your niche, you increase the likelihood of your potential clients being directed to you by the search engines.

  • Foster a sense of community

Frequent and regularly updated blogs will eventually have a following of readers. When you encourage readers to comment on your blog posts and share their thoughts and opinions, a blogging community takes shape. Readers will feel connected to you and your business in a personal way, which is good for business.

  • Encourage you to stay on top of trends

Writing a blog about your consulting business can serve as a good motivator for you to stay on top of trends. When you’re busy running your business, it can be easy to keep on doing what you have been doing instead of staying on the cutting edge.

Using a blog as an excuse to keep up with trends can be a great motivator.

  • Keep readers, clients and potential clients coming back for more

New, regularly updated content will keep visitors coming back to see what’s new! Static pages just don’t boast that benefit.

  • Get More Clients to Your Existing Business

Static websites don’t attract many new clients or customers. But a regularly updated blog can produce a constant stream of good leads from all around the world.

When you publish in-depth blog posts that help potential clients/customers solve their problems, they come to trust you and respect you as an expert in the field. If they want more help than a blog post can offer, then they’re likely to be interested in hiring your business.

  • Become a Better Writer

The only way to become a better writer is to write – pages and pages, day after day.

Of course, that’s exactly what an active blogger spends his or her time doing. The more you blog, the more you write – and the better writer you become.

  • Become a Published Author

The publishing business isn’t what it used to be and publishers are less likely than ever before to take a chance on an unknown author.

They would much rather give a contract to an author with a built-in audience of readers – and that’s where having a blog comes in. So keeping a blog isn’t just a good way to become a better writer, it may be your fastest path to becoming a published writer.

  • Get Immediate Feedback

An author has to wait months between finishing his/her book and reading the reviews, but bloggers get to read their readers’ comments the same day they click ‘publish’.

This makes blogging a great way to get feedback on an idea that you want to develop further. Having an outside perspective and a little bit of constructive criticism is invaluable.

  • Learn More About a Group of People

Bloggers spend most of their time sharing their ideas and insights with their readers. But if you listen, you’ll find that your readers share a lot with you too.

Overtime, we’ve learned alot from customers and visitors on from their comments, tweets, and posts on the forums. That information helps us to know what type of posts to write and that also helps us to determine which product or service to develop that will help our readers the most.

Knowing about your audience is invaluable (this is why companies spend so much time and money testing out their products in focus groups). As a blogger, achieving this type of insight is a natural byproduct of your day-to-day routine.

  • Gain Influence

What’s the best way to change the world? You could become a politican, activist, or volunteer.

Or you could become a blogger. A successful blogger gains a wide audience of people who trust and respect them.

  • Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Field

Anybody can start a blog on any subject they like. So you don’t get a lot of respect just for saying, “I have a website about that.”

But over time, as you write more posts and share more of your expertise, your website will change from ‘just another blog’ into a powerful demonstration of your knowledge in a field. When somebody visits your site and sees the insights you’ve shared on a subject, along with the community of people who respect and seek that insight, it will be clear that you’re genuinely an expert in the field.

Being an expert is a good thing. You may get consideration for careers, awards, or consulting opportunities.

  • Build a Network

Starting a blog is a guaranteed way to expand your network. First of all, valuable and interesting blog posts attract readers who will then comment on your site and send you personal messages through your contact page. Many of your readers will be asking for help, but others will be looking to help you. A blog is also a good platform for reaching out to others and gain personal relationship with influential people.

  • Learn In-Demand Skills

Easy-to-use blogging platforms like WordPress have made it so that a person doesn’t need to have a grasp of computer programming in order to start a blog.

But through the process of blogging, most people learn some HTML and CSS simply because it’s easier to make minor improvements to your site by yourself than it is to hire somebody each time. That’s good news because fluency in web design, HTML, and CSS are highly valued skills in this day and age.

The same can be said for a whole slew of other blog-related skills, such as graphic design, search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media marketing.

Improve Your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Ultimately, search engines want to deliver results that are helpful to their users. When you write a series of in-depth, valuable articles around a topic, Google takes notice.

Each high-quality blog post that you publish is another opportunity to get traffic from search.

  • Collect Emails

There’s a lot of talk about social media today, but email is still the most reliable way to communicate online. People check their email regularly and they’re used to receiving important updates.

Getting somebody to give you their primary email isn’t easy, but once you have it you have a direct connection with that person. You’ll then be able to get their attention whenever you find something that you think will benefit them or if there’s something important regarding your business or blog that you want to inform them about.

  • Stay Knowledgeable in Your Field

If you’re looking for an incentive to keep up to date on all of the latest information on a certain subject, starting a blog is a great start. Your weekly quest to put up new content will lead you to always be searching for new information and sharing it with your readers.

  • Express Yourself

This one’s pretty simple: a blog is an expressive medium that can contain words, images, and sounds. Whether your blog is formal business affair or a personal “my-mother-inlaw” diary, blogging is powerful form of self-expression.

  • Help Others

Every good blog helps its readers. does this by offering free information about how to win scholarship abroad, job vacancies,  start a business, market thru your website among others.

The power of a blog to educate, inspire, and bring like-minded people together makes blogging a great way to help people.

  • Build Trust Online

Trust is a rare and valuable commodity online. You can’t buy trust. It has to be earned by demonstrating your commitment to your readers, time and time again.

As it turns out, that’s exactly what good bloggers do by regularly posting valuable, honest articles on their blogs. The more people whose trust you’ve earned, the easier it will be to accomplish your goals online.

  • Sell a Product

A blog can make for a great virtual store. You can easily sell your e-books, books, subscription for membership sites among others if you have an authoritative blog online.

  • Take Control of Your Online Identity

Whether you’re a person or business, there’s probably lots of information about you online. When somebody searches for you online, you want to make sure that they get an accurate and complete picture of who you are and what you’re all about.

Starting a blog that covers all the bases is a great way to control your online identity and make sure that the top result on Google makes a the right first impression.

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By: Abdulazeez Idiaro


For over 5 years (a member of Fladio International Nigeria Limited) has provided web solutions and advertising for public and private sectors. Our main division is Computer and Information Technology. Thanks to our flexible approach towards the development of new solutions, we have often been at the inception of digital revolution and incorporating the most recent technologies. When you partner with, you are associating with one of Africa’s best company for your ICT needs, we are the 1st Nigerian Company listed on the Economic Community for West African States (ECOWAS) ECOBIZ computer session in 2010. Focusing on quality, reliability and design of our products and services has brought us customers and partnership with local and Multinational Companies such as United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA), Interswitch Limited, Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc among others. Our current customer portfolio covers individuals, companies and Government agencies across the globe including Nigeria, India, United Kingdom, Mozambique and United States of America.

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