1 Login to your website at http://www.yourwebsite.com/login

2 Click on products on the left hand menu

3 Click on add products as admin on the top right hand corner of the page

4a. Enter product title in the box.

4b. Enter the price you want to sell the product

4c Enter Price Mode, This will be either be EDITABLE BY USER (customer will be able to increase quantity he/she wants to by) or FIXED (Customer can only buy 1 product at a time, customer cannot increase the quantity)

4d ALREADY DISCOUNTED. Enter the percentage of discount on the product if any. This is an optional field and can be left blank if nothing to enter in it.

4e SKU TOTAL IN STOCK. The total quantity of product in stock.

4f AVAILABLE TILL, OPTIONAL. Select the timeline you want the product to be available.

4e SELECT CATEGORIES. Click inside the box to select 1 or more of the categories in the categories already listed. Please note that categories must be added and enabled to be visible in the drop

4f SHORT DESCRIPTION. Give a description of the product you want to appear beside the product. This should be brief, compelling and have a clear call to action. This can contact bullet point of you need. The column has word limitations, so ensure you preview after saving to ensure all texts entered are displayed. Other texts important can be moved to long description aspect.

4g LONG DESCRIPTION. This is a detailed description that can contain unlimited texts that will give insight into the products.

4h SIMILAR PRODUCTS. Enter name of similar products that will be shown and the system will auto populate full names of the products; you can then tick to activate all those you know are relevant and will want to be shown below the product displayed.

4i SEO DESCRIPTION. This is the detail customers will see on the search engine page summarising what the product is and why customers should buy it. It should be short (Professionals recommend 160 words), persuasive and apt encouraging customers click on the page.

4j SEO KEYWORDS. This are tags of products that are separated by commas. They should be texts contained on the product page. Can be single word or multiple words joined together. It’s advised you google to know more about SEO Description and SEO Keywords to be able to draft compelling product description.

4k TAX FREE. Click the drop down menu and select yes if the product is taxable. Note that the tax amount should be set for this to take effect.

4l WEIGHT. Enter the weight unit in KG to know the size and enter the value. You can weight and convert to kg or check the back of the product to see product weight. This detail is important when a weight based product is involved and the shipping company charges per weight. Note that some shipping company charges flat rate for shipping.

4m. SHIPPING ADDRESS. Click the drop down to choose if the product needs to be shipping, in which case select REQUIRED, to sell products such as Laptop, Shoes, Bags, Food items etc.

Meanwhile, If the product does not require shipping, e.g Downloadable ebook, video, mp3 among others, you can leave it as default which is NOT REQUIRED.

REQUIRED DELIVERY BY SELLER. This is applicable when product is to be delivered by a merchant reselling on the site.

DELIVERY PAYMENT FLEXIBILITY. This has multiple drop down menus. NO DELIVERY, means the product does not need to be delivered, in which case shipping address are set as not required, suitable when selling things like ebook in pdf/word format, mp3 etc. PRE-PAY TOTAL (PLUS DEIVERY FEE), this will calculate total amount payable by customer and present them total amount to be paid. FREE DELIVERY (NO DELIVERY FEE), this option will mean there is no amount payable by the buyer as delivery is free. PAY ON DELIVERY (PRE-PAY DELIVERY FEE), customers in this case will pre pay their delivery fee. PAY ON DELIVERY, customers will pay their delivery fee at point of receiving their goods.

4n ADD PRODUCT ATTRIBUTE. The details has been explained below the page.

4o ADD FILE. Click the button anytime you want to upload a new image; this will add a new browse button where customer can upload an image. The first image uploaded will be the default image displayed on the page and subsequent ones thumbnail images has to be clicked to expand it.

4p. Click Submit to submit the product for admin approval; after which it will be displayed for public to see.

5. Click on products on the left hand menu as we did in 2 above, select the product name you just added (not that product will not be marked approved yet). Click on the product name to edit it.

6. Click on the shipping method box and select relevant shipping options you want. Note that shipping methods must have been set or updated for this to be effective.

7 FEATURED PRODUCT. Enter a number to have product featured and it’s position among the featured products.

8 Click on APPROVE PRODUCT green button for product to begin showing on the frontend.

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