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Inverters and Solar Power

Nigerians are seeing the wisdom in turning to the inverter solution to mitigate the power supply shortfall we face. Choose from our range of our inverter capacities to meet your requirement. Our inverters are top-performing and reliable. Many Nigerian homes and offices have enjoyed years of stable performance from our range of inverters, enabling them live or work in comfort, while saving tonnes of money.

Power inverters are simply DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current) converters - they convert DC energy stored in a battery, to the electric current (AC) that your appliances require. An inverter taps current from the public supply when that is on (or, alternatively, from a power generator), stores that power in its battery bank as DC and converts it to AC when the power supply is gone. That way, the inverter provides the power backup you need, filling the gap in your power supply.

The main added value of inverters, which is the key advantage of inverter over power generator, is that inverters do not require consumables like petrol, diesel or oil and virtually incur no running cost. Once bought, it supplies power for free, until a battery-change. Big money saver that you can't ignore! Besides, good inverters are fully automated, saving you that inconvenience of change-overs, suffered with generators.

You've probably wondered where to buy top-performing and reliable inverters and solar power components (solar panels, charge controllers, etc) in Nigeria. Search no further. We stock various inverter brands; with quality standard and proven track-record of performance and durability. We offer a range of inverters including: 800VA, 1.4kva, 2.5kva, 3.5kva, 5kva, 7.5kva, 10kva, 15kva, 20kva and 30kva. Three-phase units are available in the upper range, from 10kva. That simply means you can find an inverter that meets your power backup need.

Having an inverter needs a certain degree of Electricity to charge the battery. If you are having; very epileptic power supply or non at all, you mya have to invest in a solar power system with solar panels to support and charge the inverter.

Solar Energy Support
Some inverters come with solar energy support. These inverters enable you connect solar panel(s) to your inverter and tap from the free energy of the Sun. This type of inverter is called a Solar Inverter. The Solar Panel charges your battery ensuring you have enough energy when needed. Depending on the capacity of the Solar panel, it can charge the battery, while still providing power for your appliances. Solar inverters can also charge your batteries via generators or public power supply.

Note that if you do not buy a solar inverter, you can still upgrade a regular inverter for solar energy by buying a solar charge controller. If you buy a Solar Inverter, you will not need to buy a solar charge controller separately, since they come with solar charge controller built-in. You will have to buy the solar panels separately. If tapping energy from the sun is important to you, buy a solar inverter outright. However, you can always buy a regular power inverter and upgrade for solar energy anytime you want.


How to know your Inverter Power Needs
To calculate your power needs. Simply note the gadgets that you will be operating with the power inverter.

For example, typical load may be 1 TV set, 1 decoder, 1 DVD player, 1 Fan, 1 Laptop, 3 light points.

Then note the power ratings of each of the gadgets. You can find the power rating on the back or side of the gadget. You can also check the manual of the gadget. For example for the load above, the rating could be:

1 TV set (100w)
1 Decoder (20w)
1 DVD Player (20w)
1 Electric Fan (70w)
1 Laptop (20w)
3 energy efficient light points (90w)
Total Load = 320w

The next step is to get a VA equivalent of the power, which if we assume a power factor of 0.8 gives 400 VA (i.e. 320/0.8).

After calculating your total load, the next step is to derate the power inverter to create some allowance for flexibility and to ensure it does not over work itself.

To derate, just multiply your total load by 2. In the example above 2 x 400 = 800VA. So, you will buy an inverter with a power rating of 800VA or higher like an 800VA Inverter.

You may also decide to multiply by 3 to give more operation allowance for the Power inverter. Note that the aim of derating is to ensure that your inverter does not operate at full-load or near full-load, which will ensure the longevity of the device.

For order and inquiries about inverters, batteries, solar panel and solar power system, call: (+234) 080-9502-9999 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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