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Why your business needs a website


To serve your customers & prospects! To open international markets
To stay in contact with sales people To sell products and services!
To answer frequently asked questions To heighten public interest
To allow feedback from customers To reach the media
To reach a highly desirable demographic market To release Time Sensitive Material
To reach the education and youth market To reach any specialized market!
To create 24 hour customer service  


Why does any business need a website?

Much discussion centers around the value of having a business website. But what really is the internal and external value of having a presence on the Internet? A Web site can help you overcome the limited reach of traditional print and broadcast media, making it possible for you to reach a truly widespread and diverse audience. Through this you can get the most value from the marketing materials you've already created by making them easily accessible to your site's users. You can deliver data sheets, frequently asked questions (FAQs), press releases, announcements, and newsletters to customers and the media 24 hours a day. The Tell Us and Survey features of your site capture information about the products and services that interest site users. Once that information is obtained, content can be customized to match the specific preferences of individual users. We can track the paths that users travel through the site and then use that data to provide updates, offers, and promotions that are relevant to their needs, as well as to home site content to better address its audience's interests.

To answer that question in detail, let's look at the major independent reasons that should make sense for many companies:


Increased visibility - Reaching global market

Think of your website as a continuous method of promoting your company on a national and international basis every day of the week. All of this chance at promotion and at a fraction of the typical traditional costs for such coverage through traditional advertising means.


Functional expansion - 24/7 service

Your company can effectively multiply the customer or vendor interfacing capabilities very quickly and again, very cost effectively. This means that you can provide more timely information on your products, pricing, updates, company literature, manuals, and answers to commonly asked questions. The beauty of this is the speed and ease in how these things can be offered on a 24 hour-a-day basis.


Allow customers to self-help themselves - Improved customer/vendor relationship

Over time, it has been proven that customers do not mind helping themselves electronically in order to get information or buy products that they desire. In fact, customers have come to expect some elements of website self-help to be available to them. There is no question that the old paradigm of doing business has shifted in large part thanks to the ease of the interface with the company website. Vendor and partner relationships can also be improved by this ease of access to information. Allow customers to help themselves and allow vendors and partners to help themselves and help you at the same time.


Collection of customer data - Know your customers

Many statistics can be gathered from the customer traffic to your website. Information such as when information is accessed from the website can be useful. Additionally, where they go within your website and where they come from to your site, can also be gathered. It is also easy enough to gather relevant information, facts, or opinions from your website visitors by asking them to fill out forms or a questionnaire. It is no real threat to visitors as they can either choose to provide information and opinions or not, leave the choice to them.


Reduce cost of doing business - Less expensive

Think in terms of how you can still provide information that customers or potential customers seek but make it available via the website. What winds up happening is that your thinking begins to supplant traditional rules of "how things should be" with what makes sense in the new millennium. Things that naturally fall into this category are things such as printing and marketing expenditures, customer service information, manuals, or product catalogs. All of these types of hard expenses with a good strategy, can be substantially reduced or eliminated by proper use of your website.


Use as a sales tool - Be Supportive

Your website can become a tremendous sales support piece to your marketing or promotions. This especially becomes true when you utilize the website as a complete literature piece or an expanded web-brochure explaining the full story of a product or service. The website can be a tremendous competitive differential advantage to sales and support personnel as it provides for the customer or potential customer to be directed to full collateral material and most current product and company information.


Matching customer expectation - Be detailed

Not having a website these days, or worse, a site not reflecting the quality of your business can create a detrimental perception among your market, customers, and vendors. This is especially true, if customers expect a website to be a common part of the business that you are in. There is not an especially good answer when a customer asks why they cannot locate your website on the Internet.


Natural company growth - Strategy for the era

A company that is really wants to grow beyond the natural limitations imposed by the non-web business environment has to consider e-business possibilities. A prerequisite for companies that want to grow into e-business, is that they have a solid business foundation supported by strong strategy. At the heart of that strategy, is a professional website that has common elements of proven success. The website should have a blended strategy that complements the existing company's policies, practices and strategy in order to create strong synergy.


How can I get a website developed by you?

Once you have decided on having your site done by us, just click the "request a website quote" link. This will open up a questionnaire form, using which you can convey all the details that we need for the Phase 1 of your Website development. After we receive this, we will would review and get back to you via phone or email for the contents, structure, layout and probable Costing of the site development. Once we get a confirmation from you, a demo of your proposed site will be made and it will be hosted on our server. Once you approve or adjust the demo, the site will be made fully functional and will be uploaded on the server space taken for you.


So Where Do We Start?

Okay, so you're ready to get on the Internet. You want your own home page. But wait... You don't know how to do that! Even if you did, you don't have the time! Fear not: ediaro webcentre Team has both the time and the expertise to get your web page designed, and online. No graphics? No problem -- we can design that, too, from specialized graphic designs,  to corporate web copywritting (contents of the website) and everything in between.


"So How Much is This Going to Cost?"

Excellent question. Everyone is unique; therefore, everyone's design requirements will be a little different. The price will depend on what you want us to create for you. At ediaro, we believe that in order to create truly custom-made web sites for our customers, we need to be flexible. That's why we avoid "locking in" design prices. Together, you and ediaro Webcentre Team can decide what is the best solution for you, and we'll create a price from there. In any event, it will cost you much less than you think. Your Web Services design package gets you a web site which serves as international advertising, your own domain name (which means, in English, that you have your own personalized address, www.yourname.com, where yourname is whatever you want), your own email addresses, and one year's worth of hosting with most design packaging--all probably less than you're paying for local advertising every month !


We Can Design What You Need

Just tell us what you want. Maybe it's just an "online brochure," detailing who you are, what you do, and how people can get in touch with you--nothing too fancy. We can design that for you. We can even give you email accounts. Maybe you're looking for something a little more in-depth, more comprehensive, such as detailed information, and specifications on your products. We can do that, too. We can even create an "online store" for you, your own little "storefront" on the Internet, where customers can place orders and pay online securely, quickly, and easily, and they can do it from anywhere in the world. It's possible: ediaro can do it for you.


"Is There Anything You Won't Design?"

Glad you asked. ediaro won't design or host any web sites dealing with pornography or "adult entertainment," nor anything that would be considered libellous, an infringement of copyright, or illegal. While we here at ediaro support freedom of speech and expression, we also like to remain on the "good side" of the local and international laws. It makes life easier for you and for us.


ediaro Thinks Differently Than the Competition

Other Web Designers care only about creating your page, slapping it up on the web, and moving on. At ediaro Webcentre, we have learned that in order to create the best Web site, we need to know as much as we can about who we're creating the site for. We take the time to get to know you, and learn what you and your business are all about. ediaro is more than just a designer of web sites: we're your partners in Internet advertising and Business Development.


"What if I Have More Questions?"

Well, by all means, ask! You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.further inquiries. Call(+234) 080.606.44.0.44, (+234) 080.906.44.0.44..


To get started with your website development, click here to request a website price Quote 

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