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ediaro Ecommerce

Ediaro Custom ecommerce is an Hybrid Online Marketplace platform that enables you sell to customers locally and internationally. Custom developed inhouse by ediaro.com team, find below detailed site features:


Find below features of the prospective ecommerce website and attached screenshots to compliment explanations:
1. Customers visit the website, see products available for sale, add to cart, proceed to checkout and pay like every other ecommerce websites. The interface appealing and easy to navigate
2. Bulk product publishing with just a single upload of excel file-product name, product description (mini and full description), meta description and keyword, file name for featured and file name for other images, price, discount price, etc
3. Bulk Product editing to simplify editing products from admin backend on the backend.
4. Shopping cart abandonment reminder. Reduce shopping cart abandonment rate and improve after sales service. After placing an order, adding some details and closing the page, the system would auto send SMS and/or email (if no SMS unit remaining send email to site admin to recharge your SMS units on ediarosms.com). Admin can set to receive SMS and/or Email reminder to customer for shopping cart abandonment at will. After the order is completed, it gives admin option to auto send SMS & or SMS for after sales service with the intention to know how the product/service is and how you can help them out in case of enquiry or complain - to ensure return customer.
This is an easy product edit interface

The message is like below editable from backend:

Heading: You forgot something.
Thanks for {Visiting website address!} I noticed you had not completed your order. Did something go wrong?

Please do let me know if you were having any problems or if there is anything I can do to send you some awesome pillows!

Click here to complete your order!

Thank you so much!

Kind regards,


5. Multiple Configuration of delivery options, such that can seamlessly work with most courier companies globally, such as DHL, NIPOST, PERSONAL DELIVERY setting of delivery charges etc
6. Popup welcome message: select product type, quantity, kg/bags/tonnes... and email address to have different configuration of the product editable by admin.
7. Upsell and Cross Sell feature for related product displays.
8. You can sell Downloadable products such as ebooks and it gets auto delivered after payments.
9. Custom order for product on our site
10. Detailed product details page such as name, rating stars, comments, organization that sells it, manufacturer etc.
11. Front-end product moderation access that make it easy for you as admin to edit without login to backend
12. Frontend access for your suppliers to post their products, then admin will aprove before it goes live for everyone to see it online globally. Meanwhile, if it is declined, you will give reason for declining product publishing box and send alert to sender email
13. Social media Share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, pininterest, instagram, reditt, delicious, share on whatsapp for pages
14. Share this product on social media with buttons below the product. Such a Facebook, whatsapp, Twitter, LinkedIn, pininterest, instagram, reditt, delicious, share on whatsapp for pages
15. Social Media Join on Facebook, Twitter, pininterest, LinkedIn instagram
16. Join whatsapp group link is with join social media
17. Language translator. This is by country flag and can be activated from backend so that it can be pictorially switch language with view of the flag. Just like English - UK Flag, French - France Flag, Arabic – Saudi Arabia Flag etc. So that admin can activate required language preferred.
18. Currency, the site support multiple currency admin can set and activate from backend. Debit/Credit Card (Interswitch, Visa Card, Mastercard, eTranzact), Digital Currencies (Bitcoin[BTC], Perfectmoney etc)

19. Option to select/add to cart Special gift wrap at checkout and add the cost of gift wrap and content text to it at checkout page.
20. Checkout Process is seamless and support requiring all details such as name, address, email, telephone (international format for easy sms text messaging by ediarosms.com) and other basic details on every shopping cart.
21. Multiple payment options pre-configured; more can be added (Stanbic IBTC Bluepay, Zenith Globalpay, Paystack, Paydirect, GTBank GTPay, 2checkout, UBA UCollect, Paypal, Interswitch Webpay, Bank Transfer etc)
22. Integration of custom ediaropay payment gateway that make it easy make alot of customised global payments (strictly by invitation for selected clientele for now)
24. Some duration after product delivery, such as 1 week after product delivery, system can auto send SMS and/or email to customer with URL to comment about product they bought, and get limited time coupon/discount on next purchase (admin will be able to edit text content, timeline to send the email, and or to send sms or not)
25. Ewallet to store funds. Also sync with ediaropay. It will be possible to activate or deactivate by admin from backend.
26. Gift cards, to give gift coupon
27. Product quantity: retail, wholesale. 1, 2, 3 piece,1 container,1 dozen,1 trailer, 1 carton etc then add to cart. So admin can add quantity type from backend
28. Product page: Add to cart, save in cart, save in wish list, request more info menus
29. Save shopping cart template of frequently ordered products editable to re-order the list or edit and resend order; for instance when ordering things like groceries every month. You can just open the order, open it in future and replace the order to debit from your wallet or use your card to pay again or bank transfer/Bitcoin etc.
30. Newsletter subscription box. Subscribe to newsletter on the page for hints, tips, news, discounts and promos.
31. Pop up of subscribe to newsletter - admin can activate and deactivate it at backend.
32. Automatic sitemap generated and auto updated once product is added or updated.
33. Blog is been added. Admin can activate or deactivate blog menu. Alternatively, admin can use standalone complimentary blog like wordpress to manage this aspect on sub directory.
34. Chat system widget such as Tawk can be added seamlessly. To make you communicate with site visitors on your PC, Mobile Phone APP and Tablet.
35. Social media api pre-integrated into the system
36. Search engine optimization (SEO) boxes added for all products and pages box for easy deep search ranking
37. Admin can add custom external link from backend seamlessly
38. Forum and survey features are pre-added to the system
39. Coupon/discount is supported. Admin can set for specific percentage flat or specific percentage discount for specific product or products.
40. Google adsense code, social media integration features pre-configured into it
41. Send SMS and/or Email to specific customer, customers in a specific state, customers in a specific country, customers that abandoned cart, customers that pay with bank transfer, customers that pay with debit/credit card, customers that add to with list, customers that bought a specific product or to all customers by admin is easy with few clicks.
42. Admin has the ability to view, spool and download or sort of various transaction reports.
43. Footer of the page support menus, free text, images, text writing in WYSIWYG. Image of cards accepted clickable to lead to a page, terms and conditions, top menus duplicated below, address or addresses, admin can add custom link and menu
44. Templatable for easy changing of the interface in the future.
45. There is be multiple access level for admin for viewing, view and edit, view all record, view only payment records, view and edit product, edit product, add product, edit and add product, edit, add and delete record, edit main site/product/delete user/edit user detail/check
46. Online Marketplace Features -Merchants/Manufacturers Adding Product from Frontend.
a. The admin can activate for prospective merchants to register online, add organization detail, bank account details add products features and submit. Afterwards admin would review and approve. Admin would be able to set that here would be no email, website and or product description would be added in product description if he desires.
After a client has registered and uploaded their products, admin can:
1. Approve product publishing
2. Decline product publishing
3. Edit and approve product publishing.
The merchant will be able to: Register, edit product, delete product, Add products
b. The Merchant can view no of sales of a product, amount, percentage commission and click to withdraw to his bank account directly (less transaction fee to be set by admin for local or international)

Digital products
Online marketplace lecturers, medical consultants, writers etc can list their products or ebooks and sell online.

Interested in starting your ecommerce website with this custom solution? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

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