NTA-Star TV Network Limited sign Advert MOU with Fladio International Nigeria Limited

NTA-Star TV Network Limited has appointed Fladio International Nigeria Limited as their advertisement agency for Startimes Network. This appointment comes at an auspicious time as Nigeria goes through the digital TV migration with a switch over deadline in June 2015 and Startimes taking leading role in the process with the attendant huge advert prospects for the network.

startimes logo 2  FLADIO

According to the Executive Director of Fladio International Nigeria Limited, Mrs Aisha Yetunde, our specific roles are to facilitate advertisements via various formats by institutions from the various sectors of the society and also high net worth individuals on the various Startimes channels and other related Startimes advert media Platform which include TV commercials and EPG Adverts.
In addition, Fladio is to source for paid programs such as but not limited to political jingles, rallies, documentaries, religious life broadcast, weddings, sports, motor fair display, child naming ceremonies, government promotions, corporate and individual promotions etc.


Organisation Profile – Fladio International Nigeria Limited
Advertising Services
Fladio International Nigeria Limited is a multifaceted company. We undertakes advertising and marketing consultancy for businesses and Government in different sectors and industries requiring our services. Majority of which are under the brand name investor.ng and ediaro.com. We help our clients achieve their objectives – from growing revenues and profitability through to improving stakeholder communication and engagement.
We have no intention of becoming a traditional marketing “agency in Nigeria” with swanky offices and lots of employees meaning we have high overheads to cover through excessive rates. We focus on employing talented marketing consultants with the ability to make a difference to businesses.
Strategically, we head-hunt marketing managers and marketing directors that have experience in all facets of the marketing mix, from strategic marketing planning through to direct marketing, public relations, events, social media strategist, branding and lead generation. We also have a team of external associates who specialize in their chosen field who we call upon as and when they are needed.
Some of our advertising services includes: Bus Advertising, Bus TV Advertising, Street Team Outdoor Advertising, Nigeria Online marketing – Directory Submission, Social Media and Content Writting, website development, Email Advertising, Nigeria SMS Text Message Marketing, multimedia – TV and radio advertising, Video and Multimedia Production for Nigerians, Newspaper Advert placement across Nigeria local and National dailies, Magazine Advert placement across Nigeria local and National dailies, Bronchure design, Printing and distribution to target audience among others.


Organisation Profile – NTA-Star TV Network Limited
StarTimes in partnership with NTA introduced NTA-STAR TV Network Limited into Nigeria in July 2010 and have in just 4 years established a great brand and association in the Nigerian market within that period, currently situated in thirty two states in the country. Startimes is the only licensed DTT platform in the country .
The company commenced operations in 2010 with six pre-packaged channels, and has grown its offering significantly via a blend of local and international content, to deliver over seventy two world class channels that provide truly affordable high quality information and entertainment to Nigerians at all levels.
NTA-Star TV currently offers a wide array of programming That includes Nollywood and Hollywood movies, cartoons, sports, drama, entertainment, news and lifestyle programming amongst others, geared mainly towards Nigerian viewers. NTA- Star TV also delivers high quality channels to over nine regions across sub – Saharan Africa.
The company was founded on a low-price philosophy which is aimed at making quality TV programs affordable to all cadre of the Nigerian population. NTA-Star TV as of November 2013 the company has over Two million registered Nigerian Subscribers. By 2015 all analogue TV platforms will migrate to the Startimes platform as the Nigerian government intends to shut down all analogue TV stations

Benefits of Startimes TV advertisement

  • Your target is reached.
  • Our platform will ensure more visibility for your brand
  • Your brands reaches over 2,300,000 subscribers and over 7 million viewers in every city where StarTimes has its presence.
  • Startimes has its presence 32 cities all of which your brand would be seen.
  • Free spot placement available


Available Advert Options
This is a unique Opportunity to advertise your brand our platform through still pictures . EPG advert placement covers our entire platform as it is not restricted to a channel , it actually depends on how the client changes the channel or increases the volume of the TV set. Your advert pops up in still pictures every time you change the channel. Please see picture samples in slides


The Boot Screen Advert Placement: Promotes your brands as soon as you switch on your Startimes Decoder. Exclusive to two major brands only.


Channel Shift Advert Placement: This gives brands an opportunity to place still adverts on the channel shift Icon. When you change the channel this pops up.


Volume Bar Advert placement : This gives brands an opportunity to place still adverts on the Volume Bar Icon . When you increase the volume this picture pops up.
Prime Time Spot Placement on various StarTimes channels
Place advertisement in various selected startimes TV Channels


Fladio has partnered with Startimes to facilitate swift and easy advertisement placement and we are looking forward to promoting your brand on our platform , we provide 100 percent mileage and opportunity for you to promote your product and services. We look forward to having you on the board .

Startimes TV advertisement is available for you – to market your products and services at very affordable rates and it’s visible all over the country. With the recent promo of FREE decoder for every household, the Startimes TV viewership has increased tremendously and virtually every household now have a startimes, hence your advert will reach all categories of your target audience in Nigeria instantly.

For further inquiries and advertisement, contact us on (+234) 080-9502-9999 or email: info@ediaro.com.