Online marketing trends that will dominate 2014

The internet has changed our way of sharing information and has a profound impact on marketing. Most of the businesses are trying toonline marketing publish the original content rather than embedding the advertisements. They do so because these tactics offer the additional benefits to them like growth in audience and branding.

 Keeping these trends in mind, let’s discuss my predictions for top online marketing trends of 2014:

  • Content marketing will be bigger: Consistently creating the valuable content through variety of channels is one of the main ways by which companies are establishing authority and is gaining the interest from consumers. This involves the relevant information of the industry, which provides insight of your business or company to your audience. The top business to business content marketing strategies are – articles on business websites, social media, videos, case studies etc. By using any of these channels, businesses are able to build positive reputation within their industry. The advertisements on television, radio are becoming less effective instead it is better to concentrate on content marketing, by producing valuable and engaging content for audience.
  • Need of diversity in social media marketing: Few years ago, businesses were limited to some of the social networking sites, from which the most common includes- Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Now, many new social media sites are upcoming. Some would never really get off the ground; others which are upcoming are Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram. All these have provided plethora of new options to the businesses and allow them to produce engaging content in a variety of media forms, helps to build the strong audience across multiple channels. It helps to build the brand equity and makes it easier for the consumers to recognize the brand.
  • Image centric content will lead: It is becoming more important to make the content which is easily and quickly digestible. The new social media sites focus more on images. Therefore the content with the images have a viral potential. The blog posts with emphasis on certain and important points and well placed pictures receive more social shares. For example infographics, which combine with the minimal amount of content and images, to explain the topic are considered to be effective.
  • Less will be more: The notable trend is the apparent shift in the customer preference-simple marketing messages instead of in-depth messages. A simple, clean and uncluttered message with minimum aesthetic is liked by all. Therefore, a short and effective message would bring you more traffic and will not overwhelm the consumers with hype.
  • Mobile friendly content will be necessary: Due to the rapid increase in use of smart phones and upcoming new technologies, it is necessary for every business to create a content that is compatible to the mobile devices and is easily accessed by the mobile users. It is important to provide effective user experience to those who are browsing through a mobile device. If you not do this, you will lose large amount of customers and your competitors that have already adapted this trend would drive lot of traffic and generate customers.

Summary: These are the top 5 trends of online marketing which will dominate in 2014. Therefore, start adapting these trends and implement it to achieve success in 2014


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