Outsource vs Inhouse IT Support: Which Is Best For Your Business

 Most companies cannot decide whether in-house IT support is better than outsource IT support. Although both of these options come with various benefits, sometimes making a decision can be harder than it seems. If you want to make the right choice for your business, you will definitely have to understand these concepts perfectly.

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 In-house IT Support

This option comes with several benefits that you should take into consideration. For example, it provides easy access: every tech support person who is part of your staff will be able to address issues immediately, meaning that clients will never have to wait for long periods of time.

However, you should know that keeping your personnel updated with new technologies is not as easy as it seems. In fact, you will probably have to spend impressive amounts of money in order to train your staff. Besides, bear in mind that your IT support staff will need to be provided with a standard remuneration, consisting of at least $25,000 per year. Qualified IT managers are used even to higher salaries, so convincing them to accept your deal will not be very easy.

Another issue that you should take into account is related to holiday cover or sickness. For example, try to think of what you would do if your IT support team is made up of two members of which one is sick and one is on holiday. Your issues would still have to be solved, so you would probably have to turn to an on-call rotation.

The one thing that’s sure about In-house Support teams is that they cannot be made up of two members. Sometimes, even a skilled support provider has difficulties when dealing with certain issues. That’s why companies that want their teams to solve all their problems fast are advised to decide upon outsourced IT support.

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Outsourced IT Support

At first sight, this type of IT support seems to bring only benefits. Its greatest advantage is that unlike in-house help desk, outsourced IT support allows you to save money .This option doesn’t imply a team made up of at least two members, and the support provided will probably cost you only $10 per person.

Companies turn to outsourced IT support because it’s cost-efficient. Besides, it allows you to spread your operations into a larger field of expertise. Serious IT support companies have skilled staffs that are specialized in a wide range of fields. Therefore, hiring one of them will guarantee that your customers will benefit from professional guidance regardless of the problems that need to be solved.

Outsourced IT support is also recommended if you want your staff to focus on how to develop and manage your company rather than on solving different issues. As you can imagine, every IT support team includes an “IT scapegoat” member, which is usually in charge of solving problems that others cannot deal with. This usually happens with in-house IT support, and is a major inconvenience, as it doesn’t allow the IT scapegoat member to do his job.

Outsourced IT support is way more reliable than in-house IT support

If you notice that your sales manager often deals with all types of problems instead of focusing on sales strategies, you should think about turning to outsourced IT support. This way, your staff will continue with their tasks while the hired IT support company will deal with support problems.

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However, this option comes with a few disadvantages as well. For example, cultural or language differences can limit the communication between your staff and the tech support specialist. This is why you are advised to test the IT support company that you want to hire, or turn to a local firm. A local IT support company is a great choice, as it allows you to have the needed IT specialist on-site, which is great, especially when you have to deal with certain problems.

If you choose to go for outsourced IT support, you should make sure that the contract you sign comprises an SLA (service level agreement) clause. This clause is designed to penalize financially the business that provides you with IT support in case it doesn’t fulfill its commitments.

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