Receiving payments from customers is an essential requirement of businesses across the world. Consequently, an efficient collections system is regarded as a critical requirement for most businesses in this 21st Century. Paydirect is a multichannel revenue collection, monitoring and reporting solution. It facilitates the collections of payments from customers through multiple channels (Bank Branch, Web, ATM, etc.) accepts cash, cheque, internal transfer & card payment options.

It is a PC-based electronic payment solution designed for secure commercial transactions between an organization and its dealers/distributors. It leverages on the online, real-time integration between the banks and InterSwitch to provide an effective payment solution.

The system provides an online reporting console to enable your organisation monitor payments made to it realtime. Another unique feature is a that it provides a centralized view of payment made across various channels so as to provide the Organisation information on the need to know basis.

Paydirect allows you to receive payment via your customers internet banking website,by visiting any Bank Branch in Nigeria, making payment on Interswitch Quickteller enabled ATMs,, or at your Offices. (Please note, that International transfers are not supported.)

And lastly, it make it convinient for payers to make payment to you from virtually all Commercial and even some Microfinance banks in Nigeria.


Value Proposition

  • Tried & tested solution
  • The solutions is tried and tested; been in use for over 12 years
  • The solution is currently being used by many State Governments for Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and Federal Government
  • The solution can be customized to meet the requirement of your Organisation
  • Corporate organizations in Power, health, oil & gas, telecommunications, FMCG, insurance, mobile payments, aviation, (local, state & federal) utilize our revenue collection solution and alternative channels to receive payments from their customers
  • Convenience at the heart of service to customers
  • Allows your Organisation to provide several options to payers to make payment thus providing convenience as a customer centric private or public organization
  • Aligns with technological trends and global standards utilized in other countries of operations especially in Europe, Asia & America
  • Access to business intelligence reports for executive decision making
  • Over time, your organisation will be able to deduce which channel, which bank, what bank branch is most utilized to make payment and make these options more endearing to payers.
  • Centralized reporting for your organisation
  • All payments across the various channels will be routed through a single integration directly to your systems in real time without manual intervention
  • Payment from all channels are also available from a central location & can be filtered on a per channel basis as well.



  • It enables payments to be made through multiple channels (bank branch, POS and ATM)
  • It enables customers make payment themselves through alternative channels (ATM, POS etc.)
  • It reduces human errors to barest minimum during the payment process
  • It introduces transparency into the payment process thereby eliminating loopholes for fraud or cheating
  • It eliminates the need for manual reconciliation at the Organisation before customer can receive value for payment
  • It introduces efficiency into the payment process and guarantees improved customer delivery
  • It guarantees shorter transaction cycle
  • Provides relevant business intelligence information




To be setup on PAYDIRECT, Fladio International Nigeria Limited will help you facilitate the entire process swiftly and fast. We will provide you relevant forms, documentation and support. Contact us today for further inquiries, via:, call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

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