PhD Scholarships at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, The Faculty of Law has a number of vacant PhD scholarships available from September 2012.


All research projects within the discipline of Legal Science are considered. However, the faculty will give priority to applications within the research areas of the Faculty´s nine research centres. Further information on the nine research centres as well as more information on the individual projects´ titles can be found on the website:

The Faculty´s PhD Programme

The purpose of the Faculty´s PhD Programme is both to prepare the student for a continuing career in legal research and teaching and to educate highly qualified labour relevant to both the public and private sectors. The degree assures research qualifications at an international level.


Applicants must have an educational background that corresponds to the Danish LL.M.-degree or equivalent qualifications.

Students who are expecting to graduate this term and are awaiting the evaluation of their dissertation may apply.

Applicants must as far as possible document an aptitude for scientific work, for instance through a high assessment of their dissertations and must also be able to undertake the highly demanding task of independently writing a PhD dissertation.

During the 3-year PhD Programme you are required to

Participate in research environments outside the Faculty of Law – usually through study periods abroad. Take part in international conferences, courses and meetings.

Complete the Faculty´s PhD study Programme – some travelling including to international conferences, courses, and meetings should be expected.

Teach – typically bachelor or master courses.

Undertake independent research (making of PHD thesis) under supervision.


The Faculty of Law, which is situated at the heart of Copenhagen, offers supervision by highly qualified legal academics, and gives you the opportunity to explore contemporary research issues in a supportive atmosphere. The Faculty of Law provides you with financial support which makes it possible for you to participate in international conferences and to develop your analytical skills in a highly professional research environment.

General information

Can be found on the website:

Can be obtained by contacting PhD Administration by Lykke Sennels-Andersen, tel. +45 35 32 38 59,

Academic information

If necessary applicants are welcome to contact Head of PhD Programme, Professor, doctor juris Henrik Palmer Olsen, tel. +45 35 32 32 19 or

Application procedure

To apply, click on the Centre you are interested in (or click on the heading “Another Projects” if you wish to apply for this) and you are right on the application form you have to fill in. Be prepared and have the below-mentioned documents ready to upload before you submit:

1. A motivated application must specify the scientific reasons in favour for accepting this particular research programme at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen

2. A Curriculum Vitae

3. Diploma of your qualifying degree and marking transcripts (translated into English, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian)

4. A description of the research proposal (5 to max 10 pages)

5. Time table

If you have prepared your own individual project you are still welcome to apply, but must use the link specified for “Other Projects”.

All interested parties, regardless of personal background, are encouraged to apply. Foreign applicants must be able to present and document qualifications equivalent to a Danish Master degree before enrolment. Applicants supported by external finances must be able to document such.

Terms of employment

Employment will take place according to the agreement between The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations and the Ministry of Finance about the salary of PhD Students. Furthermore, there will be a personal pension bonus corresponding to the difference between the seniority increment received as a principal according to the new wage system for academics on a group contract basis and the pay of a PhD student. Normally, the scholarship cannot be extended.

Last date for application

Application can only be submitted electronically. Please follow procedure by clicking on the Centre name, see also text 3 paragraphs above.

Application and all documentation must be uploaded no later than Friday February 10, 2012.

The Faculty of Law is one of eight faculties at the University of Copenhagen. The Faculty carries out research, education and knowledge dissemination within the area of law. The research is partly organised in research centres and groups. The Faculty employs about 75 full time researchers and app. 43 PhD scholars as well as app. 70 administrative staff members. There are app. 400 part time instructors contributing to the teaching of app. 4.000 law students. Visit the Faculty website:

Apply online at

 Deadline: 10-02-2012

Publisher: Faculty of Law


The Faculty´s nine research centres call for project proposals in the following areas of research:

To apply, see procedure below.

Centre for European Constitutionalization and Security (CECS) :

Political control of intelligence services.

Contact: Professor Henning Koch, tel. +45 35 32 31 15,

Financial Crisis, EU Finance Policy and National Sovereignty.

Contact: Professor Helle Krunke, tel. +45 35 32 43 82,

Further information is available on the website:

Contact: Head of Centre, Professor Jens Elo Rytter, tel. +45 35 32 31 01,

Centre for Pension Law : 

Change Management in Occupational Pension Schemes.

Pension conditions and actuarial decisions.

EU Rules on Free Movement in Occupational Pension Schemes.

Liability of the Pension Institute for Incorrect Counselling.

Contractual Warranties in Pension Schemes.

Further information is available on the website:

Contact: Head of Centre, Professor, doctor juris Mads Bryde Andersen, tel. +45 35 32 31 33,

Centre for Studies in Legal Culture (CRS) :

Legal cultures in late modernity.

Contact: Professor Hanne Petersen, tel. +45 35 32 31 32,

Topics in recent and older legal history.

Contact: Professor Ditlev Tamm or Associate Professor Helle Vogt, or

Further information is available on the website:

Contact: Head of Centre, Professor, Hanne Petersen, tel. +45 35 32 31 32,

Centre for European Studies in Economic Law (CESEL) :

Europeanisation of Marketing Law.

Contact: Professor, dr. jur. Caroline Heide-Jørgensen,

Competition Law and Fundamental Rights.

Contact: Professor dr. jur. Caroline Heide-Jørgensen,

Vertical Restraints in Competition Law.

Contact: Associate Professor, PhD, Christian Bergqvist,

Further information is available on the website:

Contact: Head of Centre, Professor, doctor juris Caroline Heide-Jørgensen, tel. +45 35 32 31 28,

Centre for Enterprise Liability (CEVIA) :

Flexibility and Stability in Long Term Contracts.

Contact: Professor Ole Hansen,

Health and Safety at the Workplace.

Contact: Professor Vibe Ulfbeck,

Sustainability and Responsibility in a Legal Perspective.

Contact: Professor Rasmus Feldthusen,

The Public Sector, Privatization and Liability.

Contact: Professor Vibe Ulfbeck,

Further information is available on the website:

Contact: Head of Centre, Professor, doctor juris Vibe Ulfbeck, tel. +45 35 32 31 48,

Forum for Company Law and Financial Market Law (FOCOFIMA) :

Studies in the Regulation of Banks and Similar Credit Institutions within

European and Danish Law.

Crisis Regulation of Financial Companies.

Harmonisation of the Capital Markets within EU.

Sanctions in Business Law, Criminal or Civil Remedies in European and National Law.

The Legal Foundation of Accounting Law, Making and Using Rules and Norms in Accounting.

The Regulation of Collective Investment Funds (UCITS).

Legal Risk in Financial Markets.

Regulation of Foundations and Trusts in European and Danish Law.

Further information is available on the website:

Contact: Head of Centre, Professor, doctor juris Jesper Lau Hansen, tel. +45 35 32 31 95,

Legal Studies in Welfare and EU Market Integration (WELMA) :

Posting of Workers – a Challenge to Labour Law.

Contact: Professor Jens Kristiansen,

Citizen´s Right to Good Administration.

Contact: Professor, Michael Gøtze,

Children and Welfare Rights.

Contact: Associate Professor Stine Jørgensen,

Tax and Welfare.

Contact: Professor Jacob Graff Nielsen,

Access to Justice.

Contact: Professor Kirsten Ketscher,

Right to Know – Right to information.

Contact: Professor, Michael Gøtze,

The gender aspect should be included in all WELMA projects in accordance with the mainstreaming strategy of the Lisbon Treaty.

Further information is available on the website:

Contact: Head of Centre, Director, Professor, doctor juris Kirsten Ketscher, tel. +45 35 32 31 87,

Centre for Information and Innovation Law (CIIR) :

Information and Innovation Law. “Access to medicine”.

Contact: Assistant Professor Janne Rothmar Herrmann, tel. +45 35 32 43 83, or Professor Jens Schovsbo,

tel.+45 35 32 31 24,

Personal Data Law – the Considerations Behind the Rules.

Contact: Professor Henrik Udsen, tel.+45 35 32 31 92,

Media Law. Regulation of Responsibility.

Contact: Professor Henrik Udsen, tel.+45 35 32 31 92, or Professor Morten Rosenmeier, tel. +45 35 32 31 61,

IT Law – Legal Nature of Software Licence.

Contact: Professor Henrik Udsen, tel.+45 35 32 31 92,

Contributory Liability in IP Law.

Contact: Assistant Professor Clement Petersen, tel. +45 35 32 31 44,

Collective Rights Management in Crossborder Online Exploitation of

Copyrightable Works.

Contact: Professor Thomas Riis, tel. +45 35 32 31 22,

UNCITRAL Legislative Guide on Secured Transactions – Supplement on

Security Rights in Intellectual Property.

Contact: Adjunct Professor Jørgen Blomqvist, Tel. +45 35 32 40 50,

Centre for Public Regulation and Administration (CORA) :

The Governance-Perspective – Implications for Administrative Law.

Contact: Professor Carsten Henrichsen. Tel. +45 35 32 31 04,

Mediation as a Technique for Good Governance.

Contact: Professor Vibeke Vindeløv,

Further information is available on the website:

Contact: Head of Centre, Professor, LL.D. Carsten Henrichsen, Tel. +45 35 32 31 04,

Applicants may apply for scholarships within the above mentioned research areas or within other disciplines of legal science.

Other Projects :

Applicants are allowed to apply for project topic within other areas of Legal Science than offered by research centres. If you wish to prepare and apply for a project topic, which is not offered please click on the heading ” Other Porjects”.



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