Accidental Public Servant, By Nasir El-Rufai


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the_accidental_public_servant_nasir_el_rufai_ediaro (2)The Accidental Public Servant – Paperback

Nasir El-Rufai, former minister of the FCT under President Olusegun Obasanjo, bares it all in this seminal book-The Accidental Public Servant.


The book focuses on the challenges and successes of the privatization effort, and the development of Abuja during El-Rufai’s tenure. It also details his personal struggles and lessons he learnt from serving Nigeria in the public sector…


Excerpts from the book

“President Obasanjo chose Umaru Yar’Adua whose ill-health, among other challenges, was known already constituted a serious impediment to the possibility of any inspired and energetic leadership. The view of many well-informed Nigerians is that Yar’Adua and his deputy, Goodluck Jonathan, emerged for no other discernible reasons than being ‘weak’ governors sympathetic to the ‘Third Term’ project and therefore handpicked as payback.


“The subsequent electoral imposition of Goodluck Jonathan as president in 2011 via military occupation and rigging has been unhelpful in raising leadership quality. Jonathan went into a presidential contest without a campaign manifesto, boasting of no experience, merit and any track record of previous performance other than wearing no shoes to school and his ‘good luck’”.


“The political brinkmanship got so bad that Obasanjo had to visit Atiku’s residence unannounced to plead for Atiku’s support.Upon arriving at his deputy’s residence, he reportedly knelt before Atiku and begged the Vice-President to remain onside, thus guaranteeing the support of the 17 PDP governors. In return, Obasanjo had to agree to retain Atiku as his running mate (he was rumoured at the time to be considering an alternative)”.

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Author: Nasir EL-Rufai

Format: Paperback

Genre: Autobiography

YOP: 2013

Language: English

Length: 677 Pages


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