Protecting Yourself Against an Attacking Dog

Dog attacks happen more frequently than people would prefer.  With a number of dog owners training dogs to fight, it Dog Attackingshould be little surprise to see more dog attacks occurring.  Of course, this is not the only reason why a dog might attack as it could be a mother protecting her young or perhaps a dog is merely protecting their territory.

It’s very pathetic that thousands of innocent people are attacked by dogs. Whether you’re an avid jogger or only spend time outdoors at the playground with your kids, you could be at risk. Knowing what to do to avoid or protect yourself from a dog attack is vital for your safety. Use these security tips to help you learn how to protect or survive such an attack:

What NOT To Do:

  • Never Run From A Strange Dog: If a strange aggressive dog approaches you, your instinct might be to run away from it. However, running is a major mistake. Making any type of fast movement might trigger a reaction in the dog, much like a red blanket might trigger an angry bull. Even if you feel as if you should run for safety, the best thing to do is to stand still and avoid making any sudden movements.
  • Don’t Look The Dog In The Eye: Don’t panic, many aggressive dogs will react violently if you look them in the eye, so be sure not to make eye contact with a strange dog. If you stand still and avoid looking at the dog in the face, chances are it will leave you alone. However, there are many dogs that think you’re trying to challenge them when you look them in the eye. So just look in its general direction and watch it with your peripheral vision. Try yawning and licking your lips (a dog’s “calming behavior” to signal passivity) while slowly backing away. Do not turn your back. Hopefully, the dog will lose interest and wander away. Turn your head to ensure the dog understands you’re not interested in fighting with them. In addition, taking a non aggressive posture can keep you from escalating the situation and the dog responding to this.
  • Make fists so the dog won’t bite off a finger and cross your forearms across your chest. Be ready to protect your most vulnerable anatomy – the front of your torso from your groin to your throat – often a dog’s primary target. Let the dog sniff you. In a low voice say, “No!” Stay still until the dog leaves. Back away slowly until it’s out of sight.
  • Don’t Fight The Dog:
    Some people try to strike a possibly aggressive dog, however the more you try to fight a dog, the more angry you’ll make it. Even if the dog attacks you, if you stay completely still they will most likely stop their attack because they will think you’re dead and will retreat.
  • Don’t Slouch:
    Sometimes dogs will avoid attacking you if you stand up tall and spread your arms wide out to your sides as they approach. They often think this means you’re much larger than you appear and will retreat out of submission.


What you SHOULD Do:

  • Don’t Get Bit In The Face:
    If you’re being attacked by a dog, do everything in your power to avoid getting bit in the face. The worse dog bite injuries you can sustain are to the head, face and neck. So, protect these areas at all costs. If the dog is large and is jumping at you, try to pull your shirt over your head to protect your face. You can also use your hands to cover your ears, while keeping your elbows firmly to your sides to protect some of your vital organs. A number of dogs will instinctively go for the neck so you want to be certain protect this part of the body first.  However, do not be afraid to kick at the dogs or get up quickly if you believe you can do so, but be mindful of protecting your neck in the process.
  • Stay Calm around a Dog:
    Many times a dog just wants to sniff you and will go on their way.  Don’t assume the dog wants to attack. Sure, it might seem impossible to stay calm while a dog is trying to attack you but it’s very important you attempt to be calm. Dogs can sense fear in an instant and that will only provoke them more.
  • Stay Alert:
    When you see a dog approaching you, be sure to stay alert. Don’t look the dog in the eyes but you should know where the dog is at all times, so you aren’t a victim of a surprise attack.
  • Drop Your Head:
    If a dog sees you drop your head, chances are they will think you’re being submissive and won’t attack you. This can help you quickly and easily prevent a dog attack.
  • Use Self Defense Products
  1.  Use Pepper Spray: If you want to stay safe while outdoors, you probably already own protective self defense spray like pepper spray or animal spray. If you have animal spray with you, be sure to use it to prevent the dog from attacking.  Muzzle dog pepper spray by Mace is recommended for protection Ultrasonic sound repellant.  This works be emitting an ultrasonic sound that will scare the dog away.  The sound is one that people cannot hear but dogs can.
  2. Use a stun gun.  In this case, you do not have to immediately stun the dog, but merely press the button a few times and the sound can sometimes scare off the dog.
  3. against vicious dogs. If the dog appears ready to attack, spraying the dog in the eyes and face should be your aim.  Most pepper spray has a range around 5 to 8 feet which means the dog must be very close by.


  • If a dog does attack you, try to “feed” it your jacket, bike equipment, briefcase, or purse as a distraction while you back slowly away toward safety. If you’re knocked down or fall, curl into a ball (face down on the ground) and keep your arms wrapped around your ears, face, and neck (with your hands curled into fists). Try not to scream or roll around.

If a vicious dog has clamped onto you, do not try to wrench yourself free – that’ll just add to the damage and tighten the dog’s grip. Since a dog can severely injure or even kill you, an aggressive defense may be necessary.



  • A passive defense may well be futile, if not deadly. You can strangle an attacking dog by pressing with all your might on the carotid arteries on both frontal sides of its throat (a few inches below its jaw’s hinges). Its brain is quickly deprived of blood/oxygen and the dog will go limp within seconds (or die, if held longer). YOU NEED BOTH HANDS with your thumbs pressing while your fingers grasp the back of the dog’s neck for leverage.
  • If you release the limp dog too soon, it will regain consciousness within seconds and perhaps attack again. Thus you may want to first bang its head against a solid surface to knock it out, or break its ribs by ramming its chest with your bent knee, or heel-stomp on its legs to break them so the dog will be less able to attack you further.
  • If a dog has clamped onto another person or dog, simply use the same grip but now you’ll be behind the dog and your thumbs will be on the back of its neck for leverage while your fingertips press on the carotid arteries.
  • Make sure you press on the carotid arteries on both frontal sides of its throat, rather than pressing on its windpipe in the center of its throat because that merely chokes it (depriving it of oxygen to its lungs) and takes 30-90 long seconds for the now violently convulsing beast to be rendered unconscious (or dead, if held longer).
  • What if the dog has already clamped onto one of your hands or arms? IF YOU CAN’T USE TWO HANDS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE DOG’S THROAT, try to grab its collar or loose skin to wrestle it to the ground and kneel on its throat. Or, quickest of all, plunge your thumb deep into its eye to burst it! That’ll probably stop its attack. If not, to most effectively defend yourself, strangle the beast!
  • Report attacks.  After an attack has taken place, it is important that you let the proper authorities know it has happened.  This is important to help alert other people in the area of an attacking dog and to give the authorities an opportunity to track down the dog or dogs.  This can go a long way in helping prevent future attacks by a dog.


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