Publish pictures in Gallery Page

We have simplified th process of adding and/or deleting pictures from the gallery page of websites we developed for our customers. This explanation is aimed at advising our customers on how to update their picture gallery page.

To publish more pictures in the future, it’s advisible to edit your picture to desired size that will be displayed properly on a web page when clicked.. We usually use 800Pixels for the Width, the height is auto adjusted to be proportionate with it. You can use any software editor to adjust the picture size such as Irfranview, Corel Draw, Photoshop etc.

After the adjustment to desired size, follow the process below to pubish the pictures on the site.

  1. Login to the backend CPANEL
  2. Click on File Manager
  3. Open Public_html
  4. Open the images folder
  5. Select the folder that contains the gallery pictures on the page. It’s mostly named as ” GALLERY” by team. If you can’t locate it, contact us for more information on the folder name used.
  6. Upload all the images/pictures into the folder
  7. Go Back to your website frontpage and refresh your gallery page, all the images should be displayed properly now.

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