Renting a Property in Nigeria

The rules and process of renting a property (House, Shop, Office Space e.t.c.) in Nigeria is quite similar and straightforward like Buying one. We’ll recommend you use a very reputable Estate Agent (such as ediaro Property, where we also have accredited Lawyers) or a Lawyer.

Whatever you do, be very smart and vigilant so as not to fall into the wrong hands. If you wish to rent a property in Nigeria, it’s quiet easy if you follow the steps below. Though this is not a sure insurance that things cannot go wrong, but at least, it can minimize the risk.

Process of Renting a Property in Nigeria.

If u wish to rent a property in Nigeria, similar rules to buying a property applies, except for there is no government involvement.

  1. Identify the type of property you wish to rent and search online at for various property offers, view the property and features and contact the Owner, Company or Agent directly – very simple and straightforward. Alternatively, go straight to an Estate Agent and inquire for the property type at the desired area.
  2. Avoid uncompleted buildings promising to deliver at a later date after you pay upfront or renting houses through a friend who’s moving out for various reasons.
  3. As usual, pay with Cheque or Bank Draft unless the Landlord totally refuses anything besides cash. Then make sure u pay him in front of a witness and collect a receipt on the spot.
  4. Collect the house keys immediately and proceed to the house to change the locks to the main door too. Never rent a house with people still living in it.

If you wish to find out more about property buying or renting, getting a reputable estate agent, lawyer etc, contact ediaro Properties, click here to contact us or call +234 (0)80.606.440.44 or +234 (0)80.906.440.44 we’ll give you professional advice and consultancy at a fee.

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