Responding to Telephone Bomb Threats.

Responding to Telephone Bomb Threats.The inscidence of explosion and bombing is now a commonplace all over the world, and all this come with various reasons. Many government have set up various anti bomb prevention team, Nigeria Now has Police Anti-Bomb Squad to help in preventing explosion of a bomb threat that’s promptly discovered. A bomb threat is an information or warning claiming knowledge that a dangerous device, such as a bomb or similar type of explosive, has been or will be placed in a building, aircraft or other facility

Each threat received through any means of communications should be treated as real and must be forwarded immediately to the proper authorities. A popular means this threat is passed is via the Telephone. When you receive such call, you must remain calm and courteous. Try to obtain as much information as possible from the caller. Take note of the following procedures:

  1. Get the identity of the caller.
  2. Take note of the following characteristics: male or female voice; young, middle-age or old sounding voice; accent of voice; speech impediments or peculiar voice characteristics; any background noise; does the voice sound familiar.
  3. The exact words of the person placing the call.
  4. Show no emotion on the phone.
  5. Know the exact location of the bomb.
  6. Ask for a description of the bomb/composition of the explosive.Write down all the information you receive about the situation. Ask the caller precise questions about the bomb. Find out where it is located, the type of bomb used, and when it will be detonated. If there are people nearby, try to notify them of the emergency by writing a note while you are on the phone. Tell them to call the Police immediately.
  7. Repeat the message to the caller whenever possible and ask for confirmation.
  8. As the receiving party, you should remain calm,  courteous, listen carefully and write down the information accurately as the caller supplies you.
  9. If possible, refer the caller to a supervisor or a person in authority to extract more information.
  10.  Apply delaying tactics and engage the caller in prolonged conversation.
  11. Take note of the exact time the suspect hung up.
  12. The person receiving the bomb threat should attempt to ask the caller certain questions:
    When is the bomb going to explode?/ Where is the bomb right now?/ What type of bomb is it?/ What does the bomb look like?/ What will cause it to explode?/ Why did you place the bomb?
  13. Remember that the caller may not answer your questions, but any additional information that he may relate will be helpful.
  14. It may be advisable to inform the caller that the building is occupied and the detonation of a bomb could result in death or serious injury to many innocent people.
  15. Do not hang up the phone, even if the caller has already disconnected his or her line – so the police can attempt to trace the call. If possible, use a different phone to alert authorities of the emergency but avoid using a cell phone as the radio frequencies could detonate the bomb. If you only have one land line, call the police with a cell phone from outside the building.
  16. Discuss this matter only with administrators to ensure that misinformation does not cause panic. Pull the fire alarm and evacuate the building immediately. Once outside, notify the police.
  17. While waiting for their arrival, take the following steps:
  • Identify the danger area. Generally, a 300-foot area should be considered in the danger zone, including floors below and above the object.
  • Follow your evacuation plan and evacuate the building. As you do this, also take simple safety measures for avoid external attack concurrently.
  • Open all door and windows in order to minimize damage in the event the device explodes.
  • Do not reenter the building until bomb squad personnel tell you it is safe.
  • Bomb threats can also appear in the form of a letter, email, or package. Never discard or delete the message. If the threat arrives in a physical form, handle it as minimally as possible as your fingerprints could contaminate the evidence. Evacuate the building and notify authorities immediately.


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