Safety Tips for using Elevators

Elevators are fast replacing the traditional staircases in many areas of our lives and have become an indispensable part of modern living. We use them at our offices, building, banks daily, once a week, once a month, or even once a year. However, very few of us attach much importance to safety aspects when it comes to using elevators in our daily lives as we assume that they are risk free.

There have been numerous elevator related accidents that have been reported in the recent past and the suddenness of their occurrence leaves the victims with no time to react or do anything to prevent further damage, injury or death as in most cases they are completely unprepared to deal with such occurrences. Find below, security guidelines you can keep in mind while making use of elevators in future:

Safety tips for using Elevators

  • Do not board an elevator with someone who appears suspicious; wait for the next elevator. If you are on the ground floor waiting to go up, don’t Board an elevator going to the basement; pick it up on its return. Before entering the elevator, take a quick look around and scan the people who are getting in with you. You should trust your intuition and never enter an elevator if you feel uneasy with the people entering with you especially if you are a woman as anything can happen in the enclosed area that is far from the eyes of the public. Using the stairs is a better option in such cases.
  • Before entering an elevator, check the security mirror, if there is one. Inside, try to stand near the control panel. If a suspicious person enters an elevator you’re on, get off immediately.
  • If you are threatened or attacked, press the alarm and as many floor buttons as you can, And yell as loud as you can. Our article on Women Personal Security tips and Women’s Safety Tips – Rape Prevention can be useful at this point. Though written for women, it is an indispensible asset for men too.
  • Don’t attempt to step into or stop closing doors. You should never attempt to climb into an elevator whose doors are in the process of closing or snapping shut no matter how much rush you are. This can be a recipe for disaster as the sliding doors can just close in on you leading to a very painful experience. Although most modern elevator doors have built-in motion sensors that do not close if there is an object in their path, there can be malfunctions that prevent this. So, it is best to steer clear of closing doors.
  • Don’t smoke in an elevator, it is annoying to others, a potential fire hazard and, in many cities, illegal.
  • Before heading into an elevator, make sure that your phones battery is completely charged and it is in working condition so that you have some means of communicating with the outside world in case something goes wrong and the elevator gets stuck. There have been reports in the recent past of cases where the lifts just got stuck due to power failure or technical errors and refused to open with help arriving unduly late due to the delay our authorities’ ignorance.
  • In a fire emergency, use designated stairs or fire escapes, not elevators to exit the building.
  • If the elevator malfunctions and the lift doors open half way when the elevator has not come to a full halt, you must never attempt to jump onto the floor below from the lift. This is because there is a wide open area called the shaft where you can easily fall to your death as you attempt to jump out of the elevator. It is best to wait for help to arrive than to take such risks.
  • You should never mess around with the buttons affixed onto the elevators and should only press the ones that are required. Too much messing around can lead to malfunctions and may even cause the elevator to fail. There are emergency buttons that can be pressed in case of any mishap. You must be aware of their location when you get onto the elevator.
  • If the elevator is full, wait for the next one.


  • Watch for the arrival of the elevator at your floor.
  • Stand clear of the elevator doors and stand aside for others that may be exiting.
  • In case of a fire, always exit using the stairs.
  • Once on the elevator, press the button for your floor and move to the back of the elevator so others may also board.
  • Push and hold the “door open” button if the doors need to be kept open.
  • If the doors do not open when the elevator stops, push the “door open” button.
  • Once you reach your floor, immediately exit the elevator, but do not push anyone in front of you.
  • Watch your step when boarding and exiting. The elevator may not be level with the floor.
  • In an emergency, use the “alarm” or “help” button, the telephone or intercom to call for assistance.
  • Wait for help to arrive, but don’t try to leave an abnormally stopped elevator.


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