Showing Your customers Your Website is Secured and Reputable

Recently, we can spot an increasing consumer confidence in online retail in Nigeria; still the majority of customers buyecommercee solely from those web stores they can fully trust. Cautious online retailers should therefore pay more attention to credibility factor of their website as it is the long-term possibility of making profit. The benefits of setting up an online shopping site is countless, from convenience,to value creation, to instant closing of the deal among others. However, when customers/clients want to pay online, they also want assurance that your website is secure against cyber attacks. 

What will add to the credibility to your eCommerce business is visitors’ trust that is a vital element that makes users return to your page and purchase what you sell over and over again. The key factors of building online credibility are quite simple to be successfully implemented. If potential customers think that their personal and financial information could be compromised, they will be wary of doing business with you. We have put together some ways to show your customers that your website is secure:

  • Secure Website Address

invest a little money into SSL certificates and various hacker-proof and virus-free seals from third party providers that will check your website daily and update your seals automatically. Make sure these seals are visible and people can actually notice them. As for the SSL certificates – the customers will see that transaction they’re making at your website is secure, that can be easily called the most important security measure you can take.

When developing your website, ensure your website developer use SSL where necessary. This would make sure your website address begins with “https” instead of “http.” The “s” is significant because it indicates that the website is using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which encrypts the data. As a result, if anyone tries to highjack your customer’s information as it is being transmitted to you, the data won’t be decipherable. And savvy consumers know to look for this website designation.

  • Lock and Key

A yellow padlock or key icon on your website also indicates that you are using SSL encryption protocols to protect your customers’ information. This yellow icon is often placed in the Web address bar or to the right side of it. But, it is sometimes placed at the bottom on the Web page. (Note that an unlocked padlock means the site is not secure.) When customers click on the icon, it provides more information about the security of your website.

  • Domain name

One of the essential credibility signs is your website’s domain name – the address that people type into their browsers to view your eCommerce store. Here it is highly recommended to have the same domain name for your site as your store or business name. It makes your web store easier for the visitors to remember and really helps with credibility and trust.

  • Certificate Seal

Displaying the VeriSign, GeoTrust, or other type of SSL certificate vendor on your website is another way to show customers that their information is safe. Although clicking on the yellow icon will open up a page that lists VeriSign security information, having the seal prominently displayed instantly informs consumers that they are dealing with a trusted online company.

You can also introduce the signs of credibility on the home page with the help of eCommerce usability guidelines, not bought one, but a natural search ranking, additional pages for a privacy policy and terms of use. Be careful and do not overfill your Ecommerce templates with banners, ads, and buttons as it makes your pages look cluttered and obtrusive that can cause the loss of credibility.

  • Password Protection

When customers log in, require them to create complex passwords. The password should be at least seven or eight characters long and include upper- and lowercase letters, at least one number, and at least one special character. However, discourage the use of passwords like “password123!” that can be easily guessed by cyber criminals. Also, require customers to change passwords at intervals such as every 90 days. These requirements show your customers that you are taking extra precautions to ensure that your website is secure.

  • Professionally develop

Make sure you get rid of the devastating dead links, blinking texts or spelling errors, constantly refresh the content, perhaps start a corporate blog, updates section or news feed – give your customers a sign that you have a professional design that’s up and running. Notice that top-quality website design is always indicative of a good structural organization and perfect site utility. Develop an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface that is easy to navigate and full of usability elements.

  • Personal touch and Contact

It is essential to put a human face into online retail, so better provide a working phone number and a real street address. Additionally, it is advisable to include the delivery and other terms very clearly on your website so that there will be no confusion once an order for a product has been placed. Clients’ testimonials also add value, so if necessary link to your previous clients adding the full name, website and company of a client, their picture, and if possible a video material. That is important for skeptical customers who can go so far as to call them up for a feedback.

However, setting up a confidential online store can be overwhelming as there are so many important options to consider. The Web developers Team can help any retailer or Wholesaler to minimize the efforts applied to their website Development or re-development. We will develop you a website that will reassure your shoppers that they’re dealing with a reputable online business. It is easy to increase trust level of your site visitors – just get the brand new eCommerce design and wait for the sales to come rolling in!

To setup a secured and reputable ecommerce website today, visit webcentre.Or Click here to request a website price Quote, email or call 08060644044, 08090644044.


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