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  • How Merchants can Identify online Fraud Patterns

    With the Introduction of the cashless society into the Nigeria Society, many merchants are now setting up online e-commerce websites selling locally and internationally, infact we at ediaro.com saw an increase in our customer we develop e-commerce website for. Having an online stores has its benefits ranging from wider customer base, instantly selling to the […]

  • Cashless Society: ATM, Online & Mobile Banking Security Tips

    Internet, mobile and card transactions are becoming widespread and make banking and life easy for customers, the merchant and the bank, but they also come with their attendant security threat that can rip you off your hard earned money. Sequel to now, the threat this posses is small as few Nigerians adopt such alternative e-payment […]

  • Computer/Internet safety tips

    ediaro Safety Tips: Computer/Internet Computer/internet security risks have become a topic of interest to people who use and rely on them for various reasons. We use computers at home and in our businesses. We use them to access the Internet, develop documents, send and receive e-mails, play games to name a few. However, as the […]