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  • Writing a Winning International Essay/Research.

    NOTE: Though this article is targeted at people writing an essay competition, it would be an priceless asset for Students, Researchers and help in improve your daily writing skills. Writing a winning essay requires the writer to understand effective writing style that would capture the judges’ interest and challenge them to patiently read what the writer has to […]

  • Self Defense Tips (CONFRONTING DANGER)

    Have you ever asked yourself the question, if am confronted with a dangerous situation like someone attacking you now, what would you do? This is a question that ought to be asked and many alternative answers should be pre-planned as to your immediate course of action to protect yourself. Find below some ediaro.com Self defense tips to […]

  • ATM Safety Tips

    Given to the recent introduction of a cashless society into the Nigeria Economy, the use of ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) is definitely on the rise – as more stores, hotel petrol station now use POS machines to accept payment from their customers. Banks are now deploying more ATM machines, we are ediaro.com are now developing […]

  • How to Prevent Purse Snatching, Pickpockets and Petty Theft

    Purse snatching is a crime of opportunity. You can eliminate that opportunity. Every unconscious person (especially female) carrying a purse is a potential target. To avoid loss, it’s always wise to carry any important documents (like your passport), your debit/credit cards, and most of your money in a travel security wallet or passport holder that […]