The Basics of SEO for Your Website

The Basics of SEO for Your Website

SEO consultants often mention that search engine optimization is in flux. It changes frequently, and what works one day may get your site penalized the next. While that’s true, there are some timeless strategies that will be safe and effective no matter how often the algorithms are updated. These are the cornerstones, or basics, of SEO.


Great Content

Content is still king, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts have been saying so for years. The days of putting up a site with mediocre or worse content and stuffing it with keywords are long gone. Instead, the search engines and readers expect to find informative, well-thought-out, grammatically sound content. Content involves more than just words on a page, though. It involves the overall theme your site encompasses, the text on the pages and the titles and descriptions given to that content.

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Smart Use of Keywords

Keywords are still very important, too. You need to find that sweet spot of conveying what your page is about without cramming keywords into the eyeballs of your readers. Keywords should be used naturally and sparingly in the copy, only when they enhance or clarify meaning. There’s no need to repeat keywords many times over because, as long as your keyword is related to your content — and it should be — the meaning will be clear. It’s also important for you to use keywords in different forms. If you are trying to link to motion sprinkler, it’s also important for you to consider something like motion activated sprinkler among other different ways people can search for your key term, and use those as well.


Authoritative Backlinks

Backlinks also have their place and are probably the single most important contributor to a website’s rank in the search engines. Quantity, or the number of backlinks, is not nearly as important as the quality of them. Do other sites link to your content because it’s enjoyable and worthy of sharing? Do authoritative sites reference your content? If so, those are high quality backlinks. That’s what you want. These links aren’t easy to come by, though. Either you get noticed or you don’t. One way to get noticed, however, is to offer to guest post on an authoritative site. You have nothing to lose by asking and a high-quality link to gain.


Optimized for the End User

This is becoming a key factor now as more and more users are getting online using their mobile devices. Smartphone and tablet Internet usage has increased dramatically over the past few years, and Google recently announced that a site’s ability to cater to these users will affect ranking. To ensure your site isn’t left in the dust, consider a responsive website theme that detects the device a user is on automatically in order to display correctly and provide the best user experience.


While much of the high-level features of SEO may change, it’s very unlikely that great content, good keyword use, excellent backlinks and user-friendliness will ever be anything but helpful.


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