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They are three young Nigerians who have made impact on their generation. DAYO IBITOYE (recently graduated from Chemical Engineering, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria) met them.

Abdulazeez Idiaro is popular for establishing one of the foremost and multifaceted educational website services in the country, The Computer Science graduate of the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN)is making tremendous impact as an entrepreneur. He is a hardworking, innovative, intelligent, cool-headed and fun-loving young man.

Idiaro describes his vision for life as simply “employing ICT to change the world.”

He is inspired by doing what he loves and people (most especially Nigerians) appreciate him for it.

“I have a lot of people who call to appreciate my effort and initiative of the ediaro e-library which has a compilation of Nigerian and international undergraduate and post-graduate research works free for download; to foster further research and development. I love touching lives positively. I love standing for the right causes, even if am standing alone,” he said.

What are the challenges as a young entrepreneur?

“The challenge I have with is that Nigerians are very ignorant about computer and ICT. This is further compounded by the rate of cyber crime in the country. This is what spurred my interest to work on a book which is yet to be published. I titled it Safeguarding yourself from fraud and cybercrime in a cashless economy“.

Idiaro wants to be known as a religious, rich and noble man, even after his death.

He added: “I want to put a blueprint in this world, build up a business empire where I will promote businesses, ICT, touch lives, create employment, lift Nigeria’s image positively and make the world a better place.”

His message to Nigerian youths: “I want the youth to believe in themselves, think out of the box, set-up individual plans in life and move passionately towards achieving the objective. The beginning might be rough, I mean very rough, but, over time, they would get to their dream land if they do not relent.”

Ayodele Obajeun

Former CAMPUSLIFE correspondent Ayodele Obajeun is a graduate of Chemical Engineering from the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile Ife. He has proven his mettle many times as a man to beat in the literary world. In 2008, he beat 3,800 other participants from over 145 countries to be among the best eight at the World Bank International Youth Essay Competition.

From there, he set up a pet project “Tolerance Academy”. According to him, the academy provides young people with access to unconventional ethno-religious education, social integration internship as well as support to pass on the knowledge using existing knowledge transfer structures.

What inspires him most in life?

Ayo responds: “Unusual creations – madmen and death. When I see madmen, I get inspired by their vocalizations, I get inspired by their zeal and I get inspired by their unusual ways of engaging life. I believe there are many positives with mad men. When you have them as friends by studying them, you would realise what I mean. My final year project in school was dedicated to these men”.

Continuing, he said: “Death also inspires me; it has taught me how to live my daily life. It guides me to achieve my daily goals; this makes me live as if I would die tomorrow”.

Ayo who has dedicated his life to doing unusual things added: “I don’t want to end up as a footnote in history. I want to be in the chapters. I won’t do things that would make my head to be heavier than what my shoulders can carry”.

He surprised this correspondent when he was asked what he would want other youths to emulate from him. He answered: “Nothing. I hate to tell people to emulate me. If I should do that, I would be doing more harm than good. Everyone has been given a life to live. They should create their styles; how they choose to live their life is dependent wholly on them. An attempt to live like another person may land you in trouble; you would be a second class citizen, and you would end up in the pool, not among the few at the top of the pyramid because you have not created anything new with your life. Hesitate to be like someone, be unique,” he concluded.


Samuel Akinyemi

Popularly known as Psalm Ebube, gospel music crooner Samuel Akinyemi has proven his mettle as one of Nigeria’s fastest rising singers. He is a Mechanical Engineering graduate of the Osun State College of Technology, Esa Oke. According to him, music is what he was born to do as he started his musical career at 13.

Psalm Ebube came into the limelight with his hit single “Ebube” which received a massive airplay on local and international radio and television stations. Immediately the hit single was released, it became an anthem, chorused in every gospel gathering. It has recorded over 300,000 Internet downloads and counting. Psalm Ebube has worked with many big names in the industry such as the Midnight Crew, Bola Mogaji, Infinity, Kenny Kore, Lara Gorge Wole Oni, Mickky Mee, Akin Alabi, Adunni, Nill Oka (Ghana) and Maretous Arunda (Kenya).

Speaking to CAMPUSLIFE, Psalm describes his style as a blend of African and western contemporary music. He said his vision is to see his music transform lives within and outside Nigeria.

“When I see my songs minister to people, especially the youth, I am always glad. I believe it is my own little way of making the necessary impact this country needs to grow. I dream of a Nigeria where God’s praise will be made glorious through gospel music.”

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