Travel Tips: Protect Yourself While using Public Transportion

How to protect yourself when traveling with a public transportation

  • Have someone who knows the route and mode of transportation you are taking, and when you will return. It is great if there is someone you can check in with to see if you made it home okay. This can be as simple as texting a friend when you arrive home. I also do not recommend switching up your walk or ride unless someone knows.
  • Avoid putting on your earphone. This might be a bummer, but I think it is one of the most important things you can do. If you have your music blaring in your ears, you are not going to be able to hear what’s going on around you. It is best to listen for possible danger and this way you will not risk missing your stop.
  • Make sure that you catch a bus at a stop that has other people waiting there. It might mean queuing for longer than you’d like, but it’s less scary than waiting by yourself.
  • While waiting for a bus or streetcar, stand near others who are also waiting.
  • When in a bus do not extend your hand out the window; your watch/jewelry could be snatched or your hand injured by another vehicle.
  • If the immediate area is deserted or in darkness, stand near an occupied building on in a lighted area until transportation arrives.
  •  Once on a bus or streetcar, be aware of those around you. If someone looks or acts suspicious, notify the driver.
  •  When you ride a cab, take the habit of getting the name of the cab, its plate number, and the cab driver’s name. This will be handy in case you leave something in the cab or if the driver tries to hurt or rob you.
  •  If the coach is empty or nearly empty, sit as far up front and as close to the driver as possible.
  •  If someone begins to bother you, get up and notify the driver immediately.
  •  Upon arriving at your stop, be aware of those who alight with you. If you feel you are being followed, go to the nearest occupied building and ask for assistance.
  •  After dark, attempt to get off the bus in well-lighted areas. Use only well-lighted streets to reach your final destination.
  •  Be careful with what you carry when riding on a crowded bus. If you are to carry so many things, take a cab home and check the cab well before alighting.
  •  If you are to visit someone, call him/her for your expected time of arrival. This will be helpful in case an accident happens on the way. It is also advisable to always inform your relatives or neighbors where you are going and for how long you will be away.

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