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Bitcoin (BTC) Woocommerce WordPress Payment Plugin


Bitcoin (BTC) Woocommerce WordPress Universal Payment Plugin is a plugin that allows you sell and receive payments for your Physical Products and Digital Downloads (such as Softwares, Ebooks, Music etc) on your Woocommerce powered website. The plugin once installed integrates to begin accepting bitcoin payment on woocommerce website

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Bitcoin (BTC) Woocommerce WordPress Payment Plugin plugin was custom developed to meet the yearning needs of customers that wants to receive payments globally without the usual restriction on payments, credit card chargeback issues, international payment processing gateway limitations among others. Once installed, your customers can buy bitcoin from their preferred bitcoin trading platform and make micro or mega payments to you seamlessly from the comfort of their home, office or mobile phone.


Unique features

  • Bitcoin wallet independent. Unlike most companies that design their plugin to credit funds to their specific bitcoin wallet alone, this plugin is universal and works with all reknowned and unknown wallets globally such as,,,,,,,,,,, etc
  • Support your preferred woocommerce website default currency, such as USD, Naira, UK Pounds, Ruppees, Euro etc.
  • Support charging extra processing fee, such as a percentage, maximum processing fee and fixed cost to buffer the possibility of bitcoin fluctuations
  • Has an integrated, simplified transaction log table for all bitcoin payments. It shows the bitcoin payment amount and original amount of the product or service been paid for.
  • Gives you access to receive Bitcoin payment globally at reduced transaction fees on your site, mitigate the challenges of charge-back, auto delivers your downloadable products


Key Features

  • Capture Payments: It redirects the customer to the Hosted page and gives them the ability to pay via Bitcoin (BTC).
  • Update Invoice: After making the transfer of final sum, the plugin marks the invoice Paid on a successful entry of the Hash to complete the transaction.
  • Easy Installation and Free support: It has simple installation instructions like just need to place plugin file into relevant folder or install from frontend.


How rates are sourced

Bitcoin rates flunctuates randomly. It is important to have a parameter that will make it safe to keep a competitive rate when customers place orders on your site and choose to pay with bitcoin. The plugin source Bitcoin rates from the popular automatically in the sample enumerated below:
Example for NGN vs BTC:

  • List of trades, buying BTC on with National-bank-transfers are fetched (filtering based on suitable reputation, volume, availability),
    Then the value of the one with low/poor rate will be available as BTC_NGN_CHEAP_SELL
  • Advantage: the aim is to be able to receive payment at this rates, such that you can simply proceed to and sell the btc without loss (even if you have to sell it to that person buying BTC at poor rate).
    (NB:: does not have a standardized NGN to BTC rate. Though they have USD to BTC rate, but the plugin devised a way that the system is still used instead).


Bitcoin Wallet Address: Enter your Bitcoin address given to you in your bitcoin wallet, such as 3NEAAbNbn6yGwsrGot1F5nNmhtKZ49Qvc9
Transaction fee (Optional): Enter the amount you want to charge as transaction fee if any
You will have these things once you install the plugin on your woocommerce wordpress admin backend
To signup for Bicoin Address visit ant bitcoin address and register free.


This current product version compatible with ALL versions of WordPress Woocommerce.

For customers not using wordpress woocommerce to sell their products and services online, we can develop a custom plugin for other open source such as Magento, Opencart, Prestashop etc and also customise for custom solutions developed with PHP, ASP, C#, Java, etc, you can contact us today with your desired payment integration via or Call/Whatsapp (+234)080-9502-9999.


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a distributed peer-to-peer network offering a payment system based on a completely digital currency. Bitcoin payments can be made easily from anywhere in the world, it offers reduced payment processing costs. Bitcoins can be transferred instantly and securely between any two people in the world.

Many other companies such as accept bitcoin for website development and accept bitcoin  for SMS credit payments globally.


How do I get started with bitcoin?
To acquire bitcoin, you’ll need to create a bitcoin wallet on a site such as,,,,,,,,,,, or any site of your choice. This is the account from which you can send and receive bitcoin. Once you have a wallet, you can purchase bitcoin from them directly. Bitcoin can also be mined, though this requires high levels of processing power.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies haven’t gained quite as much traction as supporters originally thought it would (at least not in the mainstream), but that doesn’t mean it’s not a viable form of payment. In fact, it may be a more attractive option when you compare it to the usual payment processors you work with.


Here are some reasons why your website will benefit from accepting Bitcoin payment:
Digital: Because Bitcoin is a digital cash system and doesn’t require a third-party banking entity to process the transaction, it is completely peer-to-peer. It’s all organized through a digital network (also known as a blockchain), which is basically just a ledger that keeps a secure and (pseudo-)anonymous record of all transactions.

Security: Bitcoin is what’s known as “pseudo-anonymous.” Obviously, a bitcoin is linked to an individual in order for them to make a payment in the first place. However, unlike with credit card and banking payments, no personal information needs to be given out in order to do so, which may ease consumers’ concerns about making payments online.

Simplicity: Since it’s totally peer-to-peer, we didn’t have to worry about consumers paying with a compatible financial solution. So long as they have a Bitcoin wallet, they’re good to go.

Cost: For the most part, Bitcoin transactions come with much smaller processing fees (if any).

Convenience: There is no waiting period before you can gain access to your new funds. Once money is transferred from customers’ wallets to our own, the money is yours to use. Just be aware that payments can’t be reversed—on either end—which means that if you plan on issuing refunds, it’s not as simple to do with Bitcoin.

Fraud: Each bitcoin has a hexadecimal code which is extremely difficult to crack. And because payments can’t be reversed, you won’t have to worry about fraudulent payments and the ensuing fees you must pay for those chargebacks. This can be priceless for websites that offer global services such as global bulk SMS gateway provider that now accept bitcoin for sales of Bulk SMS credits globally.

One thing to keep in mind here is that cryptocurrencies can be volatile, so you won’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. Sure, there are clear benefits to accepting Bitcoin as a payment option.

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