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Opencart 1.5 Interswitch WebPAY Payment Integration Plugin


Opencart 1.5 Payment Integration Plugin is an integration plugin can be installed on your Opencart 1.5 powered website, configured and used to accept payment online. It supports test and live mode for certification.

Once you order the plugin, installed and configured, you can begin accepting payment from customers Nationwide within days. They will be able to pay you with your Nigeria issued Verve, Mastercard and Visa.

If your plugin version is different, you can request a custom payment gateway plugin development by emailing

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Brief About Interswitch WebPAY

WebPAY is an Internet Payment Gateway developed by InterSwitch to facilitate payments on the Internet using debit cards issued by member banks on the InterSwitch network.

WebPAY plugs-in seamlessly with existing websites and acts as a bridge between a merchant’s website and financial institutions (banks) to process payment transactions. Customer card details are captured online via WebPAY in order to make purchases on the merchant’s site. The card details are sent in an encrypted manner to InterSwitch for real-time authorization at the issuing bank.

WebPAY integrates directly unto customers website enabling funds to be received into their account, but no elaborate reporting is provided. Paydirect – Web (without reporting) offers cash deposit information and is often the product of choice for medium and small businesses.

Most Nigerian have an Interswitch card or local MasterCard (which comes with Interswitch), hence virtually all Nigerian banks have an Interswitch license for processing Interswitch cards Online and thru other platforms such as POS, ATM etc.

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