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Platinum SEO Plan


Platinum SEO Plan is specifically designed for businesses and organizations that want the benefits that only a full-out SEO program can deliver, ediaro Platinum SEO Package pulls out all the stops to deliver an online onslaught on behalf of your business or enterprise.

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Features of the Platinum SEO Plan includes:

  • Keyword Analysis – Our digital advertisement team conduct thorough research to find the 40 top keywords for your industry, product & service and provide you with a detailed report that shows monthly search volume as well as the competitiveness for each keyword or phrase.
  • Keyword Optimisation – We will conduct keyword optimization and submit report on:
    17 primary targeted keyword phrases
    22 secondary targeted keyword phrases
  • Top 10 Ranking – We will aggregate the top 12 ranking for 25 targeted keywords in Google.
  • On Page Optimisation – Optimization of your business website pages will be done by our team to increase your page rankings among all major search engines.
  • Search Engine Indexing – We will submit your website to all major search engines so as to improve the indexing of your site.
  • Competitive Analysis – We will conduct detailed analysis of the online activities and pages of 12 competitors.
  • Back Links Analysis – We will analyse websites currently linking to your site and make recommendations on how to attain quality back links.
  • Web Crawler Optimisation – We will optimisze your website to attract search engines web crawlers and make recommendations for appearing in Google and other SiteLinks.
  • Website Analytics – Your Site will be analysed and a definitive tracking report on your website’s visitor activity, providing you with valuable user information will be presented.
  • Monthly Performance Report – To demonstrate the effectiveness of our SEO efforts, you will be emailed a report every month the details of how your business website ranking has improved.
  • Submit to Industry Directories – 30 Online submission of your website to all relevant directories for your industry.
  • Minimum Duration of the contract is usually varies. The offer above is for renewable 1 month only.

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