Digital Payments & Collections offer professional support on Digital Payment solutions to improve our clients Collections and reduce bank Digital Payments & Collections processing charges. We achieve this by centralising payment traffic, introducing alternative payment channels and decreasing the number of banking relations.


Receiving payment on your website in Nigeria is now the new trend, from Membership management to restaurant, from online shopping mall to downloadable product and many more. But there is more that can be done to compliment receiving interswitch_webpay1payments online – which will have direct impact on your revenue, customer base and corporate branding.

Specifically, when your target audience are Nigerian customers, we can facilitate deployment of Webpay online payment gateway for you to receive local Verve, Mastercard and Visa cards and even compliment it with other professional services FREE of charge.


This gateway has many advantages among which are:

Lower Shopping cart abandonment rate:
As a global standard, the less time your customers spend when about to make payment to you, the more likely they will complete the payment process. So it’s best to minimise the time customers spend when they want to pay you onilne. Unfortunately, many payment procesors makes this process longer – because they are middlemen. When this occurs, you have a high tendency of losing customers constantly.

Webpay will solve this problem easily, as the process has been simplified. Infact, after customers might have filled the forms on your website, they will proceed straight to where they will enter their card details and click pay; voila, the transaction is complete.


Nationwide Publicity thru the Banks:
When we deploy webpay for you, we will take extra time to facilitate it with Verve Card rewards system – FREE of charge. verve_reward_skye_bank_bulk_emailThis reward will make it easy for you to enjoy Nationwide publicity and sales from all the Nigerian Banks issuing the card. Upon enrolment, All Nigerian banks will send email and SMS text message to their customers to order on your website or store and get a discount. Invariably, you will give the same money you are giving to advertisers to place advertisements directly to customers; who will give word of mouth adverts – when they use their ATM card and get a percentage discount (e.g order on and get 5% discount, offer ends 1st January 2017).

When you enrol for this reward programme, your brand name will be more known and respected, Customers get familiar with your organisation and instil trust (which is important in this part of the world), you get more sales, nationwide expansion of your products or services among others.

With firm relationship with 20 commercial banks in Nigeria and Over 20 million cards issued, your Advertisement will reach most Nigerian banking customers easily.

The Benefits of Verve rewards includes:

  • New customer acquisition
  • Increase in customer retention
  • Increase in customer spend and transaction frequency
  • Enhanced brand visibility and affinity
  • Provision of analytics and business Intelligence reports on customers spending behavior to create unique offers that’s unknown to competition
  • Rewards earned at partner merchants can be spent on your Website or instore with POS.

Verve Rewards comprises of Cashbacks, Instant Discounts and Sweepstakes.
Cashbacks are earned when Verve cardholders make payments using their cards on Webpay or on POS at partner merchant locations. Cashbacks earned can be accumulated for every payment made and used to make payments at a future date with any of our partner merchants.

Instant discounts are enjoyed when Verve cardholders make payments for goods or services at partner merchant locations at a discounted price not the displayed retail price.



Using interswitch webpay makes it easy for you to choose which bank you want to use to receive all your payments made to you. At setup, you will enter the Bank details you want your payments to be credited to. Sometimes, the bank relationship has to be changed, sometime due to poor service, fraud,inability to support your business among others, you don’t need to be tied to a particular bank indefinately, so if later you want to change your bank (similar to porting form MTN to etisalat telephone line) , all you have to do is contact interswitch to change the bank your funds will credited to and and supply them a new bank account detail, and voila your money goes to the new bank. Infact, you will not have to work with any codes adjustment before your bank will be changed.

Meanwhile, if you are using a particular Bank payment gateway, if you are leaving the bank, you forfeit the money paid for setup with that bank completely. Also, you will have to re-integrate the new bank gateway to your website, mobile apps (android, ios, windows, blackberry) among others.


Lower Transaction Charges
When you use Webpay, we will give advise to you on complimentary solutions that will reduce your Bank charges cut-cost
and transaction processing fee by as high as 50%. Cutting cost as you may be aware means increasing your profitability. This is most usefull especially when you make many payments to Vendors, Staff salaries, Distributors etc. Amazingly, some of the solutions has Zero Deployment cost.


Discounted/FREE Integration to your Website
Depending on the nature of your business and/or track record, we can help you with the integration of Webpay to your Website, Web portal, mobile app (android, ios, windows Blackberry world) and other technologies to start receiving payments . We offer this services at a discounted rate or even FREE of charge sometimes to Interswitch customer – if we understand the nature of your business.

In addition, we can work with you to simplify the Interswitch Test to Live mode certification process. We will guide you thru till you begin receiving card payments on your website.


FREE Professional Guide

Going thru the paper documentation, gathering relevant data and others can be an herculean task sometimes. We Consultants+2will work directly with you to guide you on this, and even advise you on how to navigate technical and programming parts easily. Over the years working with many clients, we have prepared draft templates and letters you can easily edit with your company details to fast track the process. We will offer this service FREE of charge to our customers.



About Webpay

Webpay is an online payment processing platform in Nigeria. Infact without Webpay as it is popularly called, there is very little that can be done in online payment processing in Nigeria – because most Banks are relying on it to receive online payments. Webpay has over 5000 customers using the gateway to receive payments. The gateway support Verve cards, Visa and MasterCard.

To use the Interswitch WebPAY for accepting payment online, the customer has to register and be setup on the gateway in demo mode. Afterwards, the customer will go through a certification process, once this is passed, they will be migrated to a live mode and can start accepting real transactions on their website.

To be enrolled, the customer require a bank to generate Merchant ID for the customer on their platform – before Interswitch will then synchronize them together.

Although the setup process is a bit long and also uses a DIY integration document, the payment processor has also partnered with many developers including (Fladio International Nigeria Limited) to assist customers thru the process.

Merchant have the benefit of creating an account and linking their card, afterwards, they can make payment with the login details. Leveraging on their Subsidiary Card Company Verve International, Webpay customers also have the opportunity of enjoying VERVE REWARD program to give discount for customers. Upon been enrolled on the scheme, we can facilitate the Merchant can enjoy free advertisements as Verve will advertise their products and services online, at partnering stores, Banks bulk email and SMS to their customers among others Verve/Interswitch advertisement channels., can help you facilitate this entire process.


  • Customer is not mandated to have account with a specific Bank before he/she will be able to use the platform – virtually all Nigerian banks accepts Interswitch to process their payment.
  • The payment processor are the major processor in Nigeria, hence, virtually all Banks will have to relate with them for all settlement issues related to using Interswitch cards and WebPAY platform.
  • They have partnered with developers to facilitate the integration process, such as (Fladio International Nigeria Limited).
  • WebPAY has other complimentary products that can be added, in addition to receive payments from customers. Some are used to make payments, give reward to customers, receive payment from multiple channels. Some of the other channels includes Collegepay Bank Branch, Collegepay Web, Collegepay Aggregator Scheme, Paydirect Bank Branch, Paydirect Web, AUTOPAY, Quickteller among others.

Setup Fee
N150,000 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira)

Interswitch Verve, MasterCard & Visa (local) – TRANSACTION FEE: 1.5% of transaction amount (subject to a maximum of N2,000)


About WebPAY
WebPAY is an Internet Payment Gateway developed by InterSwitch to facilitate payments on the Internet using debit cards issued by member banks on the InterSwitch network.

WebPAY plugs-in seamlessly with existing websites and acts as a bridge between a merchant’s website and financial institutions (banks) to process payment transactions. Customer card details are captured online via WebPAY in order to make purchases on the merchant’s site. The card details are sent in an encrypted manner to InterSwitch for real-time authorization at the issuing bank.

WebPAY integrates directly unto customers website enabling funds to be received into their account, but no elaborate reporting is provided. Paydirect – Web (without reporting) offers cash deposit information and is often the product of choice for medium and small businesses.

Most Nigerian have an Interswitch card or local MasterCard (which comes with Interswitch), hence virtually all Nigerian banks have an Interswitch license for processing Interswitch cards Online and thru other platforms such as POS, ATM etc.



To be setup on WEBPAY, Fladio International Nigeria Limited can help you facilitate the entire process swiftly and fast; using our strategic partnership with Interswitch. We will provide you relevant forms, letter draft templates, documentation and guidance – FREE of charge. Contact us today for further inquiries, via:, call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

About ediaro. com

For over 5 years (a member of Fladio International Nigeria Limited) has provided web solutions and advertising for public and private sectors. Our main division is Computer and Information Technology. Thanks to our flexible approach towards the development of new solutions, we have often been at the inception of digital revolution and incorporating the most recent technologies. When you partner with, you are associating with one of Africa's best company for your ICT needs, we are the 1st Nigerian Company listed on the Economic Community for West African States (ECOWAS) ECOBIZ computer session in 2010. Focusing on quality, reliability and design of our products and services has brought us customers and partnership with local and Multinational Companies such as United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA), Interswitch Limited, Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc among others. Our current customer portfolio covers individuals, companies and Government agencies across the globe including Nigeria, India, United Kingdom, Mozambique and United States of America.

Requirements for Setting up an Ecommerce Website

Setting up an online shop is a great way to find new customers and grow your business – ultimately giving you extra stability. You’ve heard the stories of Internet millionaires that sell products online, get rich and live the life of leisure. The “set it and forget it” concept is certainly an understandable desire but the reality is that setting up an online store takes time, commitment and continued effort, especially in the beginning, to get it to generate sales and grow successfully.

 An ecommerce website is a business.  In many ways, setting up an online retail website is similar to setting up a brick and mortar store. You have to rent space (host the site), build to suit (create the design), stock the shelves (take product photos and input into the shopping cart environment), plan a grand opening event (put together an online and offline announcement of store launch) and then, once you are open, provide customer service (answer email and phone), manage inventory and fulfill orders (ship products).

Certainly as word spreads and the store grows a customer base, you can rest a bit, but getting there takes work and a start up investment.  But, if you are passionate about it and do your homework, then it should be a worthwhile endeavor.

Here are some questions to ask yourself and factors you need to consider as you start planning your eCommerce website:

  • What product and services should I sell?
  • What will your store domain name be?
  • Which Web host should I use?
  • What are your store terms and conditions including return, shipping, and privacy policies?
  • How will items be shipped and how will shipping charges be calculated?
  • What types of payment will you accept?
  • Where will you get your SSL certificate for site security?



It’s important to do a market research to know which products and services are marketable and profitable, so as to selectfor sale wisely.  Some of the questions you can ask yourself to help in choosing the right product and services include: Do you already have a brick and mortar shop that has a success track record and could benefit from an ecommerce website? Do you offer a niche product or something unique?  How many and what types of products are you selling? Among others.

The number of products and variations will determine what kind of shopping cart you need. Perhaps you are only selling a few basic items and just need a simple payment processing system or you are selling a multitude of things that change frequently which requires a more sophisticated store management system. Your website developer should be able to advice you on the most appropriate shopping cart that would meet your custom needs.



Give your site a name – A domain name is the address where people can find your website, for example, our domain
Domain-names (1)
name is You need a memorable domain name that would make it easy for potential customers to visit your website.

Choosing a good primary domain name is critical to the success of your website. You want a domain name or URL that makes sense to people and one that appropriately reflects your brand. Domain names are inexpensive so it might make sense to register a few backups or even common misspellings, but make sure the one you use in promotion is the one that is going to stick in the minds of your potential visitor and the one you will plan to use long term.  There may be a few exceptions, such as rebranding, but changing domain names is never a good idea once you have an established website.  For one, it can upset your search engine ranking and, if you have worked hard to establish a good positioning, we all know how that will hurt.

It’s advisable that you use your business name and select the right extension. Most people think of the business name when they think of your website and they most often assume dot com.  Therefore, we always recommend a domain name with your business name and a dot com extension.  You might need to try variations of a name in order to find a dot com extension available.  If your preferred name is not available, just add a couple of keywords that reflect your service offering.

Avoid Hyphens or Cute Spellings. Domain names with hyphens are hard to articulate, hard to type and can be confusing.  Use a different name, even if you have to go with something slightly longer, to avoid them.  If you are concerned about how it will look in print, consider printing it with capitalization ( Also avoid alternative spellings of words like “lite” instead of “light” unless you are Emeka Lite, and you trademarked the name, otherwise it further confuses the visitor.

Domain name tips

  • Lots of good domain names are already taken, so you might have to explore different ideas to find the right one for your company.
  • You buy domain names for a fixed period for one; two; five years etc. Always renew domains promptly, to stop others snatching them!
  • To stop “domain squatters” profiting from your brand, consider registering additional domain name extensions, such as – .net, .org,, .ng.

Here are popular extensions and what they mean:

  • .Com – Represents commercial business.  It is the most widely used extension in the world.
  • .Net – Originally used to represent “network” but these days it is used for much more.  Many businesses secure this extension along with their dot com.
  • .Org – Represents organizations and is popular for non-profits and trade associations.
  • .NG – This is the Nigeria Country-Code Top Level domain (cc-TLD) for Nigeria.
  • -This is the Nigeria Country-Code .NG domains websites (Federal, State and Local Government). It will generally be registered under these second level domains –, , ,
  • – This is a Nigeria Government Country-Code. It will generally be registered under these second level domains –, , ,
  • .Biz – This is extension is gaining popularity and is most often used by small businesses.
  • .Gov – Represents government websites such as local and federal agencies.
  • .Info – This domain name is commonly used for resource websites.
  • .TV – Even though they are not super popular, this domain is often for multi-media rich websites.
  • .Co – A fairly new domain extension meant to offer commercial businesses an alternative to dot com.

How do I Register my domain name?

You can register domain names through us at We have registered many in the past and still registering and managing many domains for customers and our prices offer great value.



Publishing your website. Once you’ve built your website, you can publish it on the internet using a web hosting package.ecommerce (1) This gives you web space, so anyone online can visit your website. (If you use a website creator or ecommerce package to create your website, web hosting should be included.

In the real world, one of the first steps you would take to set up a new shop would be to find a suitable location: one with great traffic, a nice appearance, and a reasonable lease. In online commerce, the location of your store is the ecommerce hosting account.

Make sure that your ecommerce web host has the physical resources needed to run an online store without problems. And the last thing you need when you run a store (or any website for the matter) is glitches and downtime. Unpredictable website behavior will drive away potential buyers and ultimately hurt your bottom line.

To prevent downtime and error messages, invest in an ecommerce hosting plan that gives you plenty of processing power, RAM, and disk space. Even if you start small, be sure to take into account the growth that you project over the next year or two. Also, consider that you may experience unforeseen traffic spikes. Accommodate for these situations, too, and not only for regular traffic.

Your choice of ecommerce web hosting plan will also influence the other important elements that we cover in this article. For example, most ecommerce website hosting providers only offer a few features such as a merchant account and a shopping cart. The bottom line? Do your due diligence, ask questions, and make sure you get a good package right from the beginning. It’s much more difficult to fix things once you have turned down a wrong path.


The process of your ecommerce website development should be professionally done. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel – ecommerce (4)follow standard format people are conversant with when developing your website structure – so as to make it easy for people to locate your products, view order details and make payment.

In most cases, your website will be built within a shopping cart framework that has all the tools you need to manage, sell, promote, process and track products and sales.  There are many to choose from and they are not all created equal.  Choosing the right cart is crucial to the success of your store.  It is important to work with an experienced website developer (such as who can help you navigate the options and choose the best solution for your business.  You should plan what features and functions you will need including:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Catalog management including automatic image sizing/creation and product variations
  • Site search
  • Recommended and featured products
  • Discounts and coupon codes
  • Multiple price levels
  • Wish lists, gift registries and gift certificates
  • Mailing lists
  • Customer login and order history
  • Integration with accounting system

If you need your website to be professionally, our professional Webcentre team can help you do this at a very moderate price, visit our Webcentre at to get started.



Keeping it all secure. Security is super important when you’re handling sensitive details like Debit/Credit card information.Ensure that you have SSL support. When you’re dealing with credit card numbers and other sensitive information, you need to go the extra step for safety. Without adequate security, it’s only a matter of time before hackers target your ecommerce server, with potentially disastrous consequences.

Secure Sockets Layer certificates are used to encrypt the connection between your ecommerce website host and the
SECUREcustomers that visit your site. When SSL is used, nobody can eavesdrop on the data that is being exchanged, which ensures the safety of the transaction. SSL certificates are a kind of virtual ID for websites which communicate to the browser that the visited website is authentic and secure.This activates the browser padlock which visitors expect to see when they buy online – giving them confidence in your site.

Make sure that you choose an ecommerce web hosting solution that supports dedicated SSL certificates (which you will have to acquire separately), or at the very least, shared SSL certificates (which are issued to the ecommerce web host provider, who, in turn, makes them available to you). Contact your website developer for professional advice on this.



Accepting payments online offers major benefits for many Small, Medium and Large Scale businesses. Being able to ecommerce (3)receive payment online means using a payment process which involves using electronic funds, web processing solution as well as database updating when the process is successful. It means the transfer of funds from your buyer’s account to your account through a trusted platform. Now for a global audience, there are several ways which have evolved that has allowed merchants to be able to receive money online ranging from merchant’s own merchant account to third party payment processing.

The process should be in such a way that customers can visit your website, select your product or service they wish to order, proceed to payment page, enter their Debit/Credit Card detail (Visa, Interswitch, Mastercard, etranzact etc)  and make payment, afterwards, the payment gateway will remit your money to your bank account. Some of the popular online payment processors/gateway in Nigeria includes: UBA UCollect, GTBANK GTpay, Zenith Globalpay, Simplepay, Voguepay, Cashenvoy among others. For more information, you can check our Top 10 Online Payment processing platforms in Nigeria at  .



Image is almost everything in ecommerce – Use High Quality Photography. If your site looks amateur or messy, you lose
ecommerce (1)credibility. Your images are one of the most important elements of your website design.  Shoppers who purchase on the web do not have the ability to touch or hold the products they are interested in purchasing.  Therefore, your product photographs must be high quality (we recommend 16 Mega Pixel Digital Camera and above).  You should also provide “click to enlarge” images so customers can see the finer details of each product. Ensure you snap different views of the product – the Top, Side, Bottom and Others. If your photographs do not look good, your customers will probably not want to buy.



You need a weight to measure the size of your product – to know how much you’ll charge customers for it. Although theecommerce (2) shipping cost of this can expressly stated on the ordering process of the site, added to the product cost, FREE Shipping among any other approach you choose to adopt.

You need to invest in buying a weight you would use for this. We recommend buying within 20kg – to 50kg weight so as to be able to weight most of your products and also accommodate most courier service limits. You can use the conventional scale used to measure fish from your domestic household utensil dealers/distributor or order from ediaro online store here.



This is the medium you intend to offer customers to deliver their goods ordered from your website; example of this includes Nipost, EMS Speedpost, DHL, UPS, Fedex etc. Alternatively, you can recruit your own personal dispatch riders (using motorcycle, bicycles or car). We advise you always use a registered mail and ensure signing upon delivery – so that you’ll have evidence of dispatch and delivery if there’s dispute and legal issue with a customer in the future.

You need to request for the courier standard rates (Google the courier service Nigeria office email and address or visit their nearest office for more inquiries) – to request for their rates you would use in configuring your store prices. As your sales improve, you can open a merchant account to enjoy discount on bulk shipments.

If you are setting up downloadable products or online service, you can skip this process as the customer would only select, make payment and download or access their service online upon.


Simple, secure, and affordable ecommerce Web Solutions with (Fladio International Nigeria Limited) professional website designers and web developers provides integrated ecommerce solution; such as website development, web hosting, domain registration, SSL, Payment Gateway Integration , bulk sms text messaging and other relevant professional support services you need to establish your own successful online store. It all starts with the quality infrastructure – partners with some of the best, tested and trusted companies across the globe to provide you with the reliability and performance needed for ecommerce store. ecommerce web servers support many merchant account services. You can even get a great deal by buying service packages directly from us and get professional support from our team of skilled technicians 24/7.

Setting up your ecommerce website has been simplified, we have various packages you can pick from; order and develop it for you, Click here to get started.

To setup your ecommerce website today or make other inquiries, click here to contact us  , email or visit our Webcentre at – it’s simple we’ll help you all thru the entire process.


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About ediaro. com

For over 5 years (a member of Fladio International Nigeria Limited) has provided web solutions and advertising for public and private sectors. Our main division is Computer and Information Technology. Thanks to our flexible approach towards the development of new solutions, we have often been at the inception of digital revolution and incorporating the most recent technologies. When you partner with, you are associating with one of Africa's best company for your ICT needs, we are the 1st Nigerian Company listed on the Economic Community for West African States (ECOWAS) ECOBIZ computer session in 2010. Focusing on quality, reliability and design of our products and services has brought us customers and partnership with local and Multinational Companies such as United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA), Interswitch Limited, Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc among others. Our current customer portfolio covers individuals, companies and Government agencies across the globe including Nigeria, India, United Kingdom, Mozambique and United States of America.

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