Why every Business Should Accept Online Payments

It is only Seventeen years since the internet was commercialised, but in that time it has been responsible for the most dramatic impact on culture, communication and more importantly commerce. This has major implications for every business today.

The internet is now very much a part of everyday life for many people, where the use of smart phones, laptops and credit cards merge online seamlessly for eCommerce. Recent advances in credit card payment systems have provided the customer security to make impulse buying or grocery shopping effortless and commonplace. Each year that statistics show an increase in the number of people using the internet as well as buying products and services online – eCommerce.

In the world of today, whether your business is an online one or a physical store or business, a big benefit it can have is online-paymentaccepting online payments. In reality, not all businesses start out this way, and it can be a big mistake. All businesses should really employ online payment services. Here are some reasons why:


1. It’s Easier!

In this 21st century, most people are foregoing the use of cheque book these days and opting for debit or credit card payments, especially with the recent introduction of the cashless / cash lite policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Whether a store is an online business or even a physical one, online payments make it easier. It’s also very easy for a business to set it up whether they do it themselves or hire an eCommerce company such as ediaro.com to do it for them.

An online store needs to accept online payments or else they’ll be waiting for cheques to come in and being held up their transaction. But a physical store can also benefit from the ease of online transactions. Think about businesses that have monthly re-occurring payments coming in, whether it’s a pest control business, utility company, consultant, or a school. It will be much easier for them if they just set up online payment services for their customers. Other businesses that have monthly bills can do the same.


2. It’s Reliable

Everyone is familiar with the term, “The cheque has not cleared in the Bank,” but it seems too often that the cheque actually never actually clear sometimes, even we have had some bounced cheques in the past.  With online payments, there’s no more waiting around for a cheque to clear. There is also a clear record of payments. This works in both the business owner’s and the customer’s favor. No more lost payments from either end.

This works for the customer and the business!


3. Better Record keeping and Cost-Cutting

Occationally, there can be dispute about I’ve paid, “Oga you never pay us oo” not paid. If there is a payment issue, it is a lot easier to resolve with online payments. Not only is it easier for the business owner to keep track of payments, but the customer can also check to make sure payments have gone through. Happier customers make for better business!

It also allows the business to cut costs by omitting sending out paper bills through the postal mail and physically entering payments into a system, which is a costly, time-consuming part of business. With online payments, this is all cut out, freeing up more time and money for other aspects of the company.


4. Choices and Options Are Still Available

Some businesses heading in this direction are providing options for online payments. Some are doing automatic billing, such as membership places like gyms or businesses that offer lessons or services that are a consistent price each month or annually. Some offer the option of non-automatic payments so the customer still has the control over the payment, but it can be done online all the same. This makes it convenient, again, for the business owner as well as the customer. ediaro.com can deploy different local and international payment options that support one time billing or automatic re-occurring billing and the money would be credited into your bank account.


5. Provides Payment Options Around the Clock

With online payment options, worries of late payments can be forgotten. Payments, even non-automatic ones, can be made at midnight or any time other of day. Usually these online payments clear much faster than waiting on a cheques and physically depositing it. Not only can the payments be made at any time, but that also means that the money is in the business owner’s pocket faster.

With so many aspects of business going online, the financial end should be one of them. Most businesses already advertise online and have some sort of online presence, even if they are a primarily physical business. It’s easy enough to add online payments to this, and things will only get easier and more profitable.

The choice is simple and although you may not be fully comfortable with all things online, your business cannot afford to squander the opportunity that is the web. Companies that arrive late to the party may find it more difficult to pull customers from more established online brands


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